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Brunton 81-300738 Solarflat 5W / 24V Solar Amorphus

UPC 080078007385
REGISTERED: 06/04/18
UPDATED: 01/18/21
Brunton 81-300738 Solarflat 5W / 24V Solar Amorphus
Rank: 62%
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Designed for permanent or semi-permanent mounting, these weatherproof rigid power panels are perfect for your RV or cabin. Hook them up to vehicle batteries; ATV, UTV, hunting truck or snowmobile will stay charged up and ready to go. Advanced solar-collection technology means you can count on reliable output in virtually all conditions. Features: Amorphous solar cells for high low-light performance Weatherproof Durable aluminum frame Reverse flow protection Output: 24V Link multiple like-units together for more output Use up to five together with SolarController™ for perfect charge control Includes: 10 ft. cable, vehicle cable, battery clamps, link adapter cable (SF Power/current: 55 watts @ 350mA Specifications Dimensions 24x7x.75� Weight 46 ounces Nominal Voltage 24 volts DC Max Voltage 32 volts DC Max Power 150mA Solar Technology Rigid Amorphous Linkable Yes Weatherproofing Fully Waterproof Electric Fence Battery N/A Motorcycle Battery N/A ATV Battery N/A RV/Car/Marine Battery M (24v only) Country of Or

  • Brunton 81-300738 Solarflat 5W / 24V Solar Amorphus available on February 24 2016 from Newegg for 59.00
  • UPC bar code 080078007385 ξ1 registered February 24 2016
  • Product category is Brunton 81-300738 Solarflat 5W / 24V Solar Amorphus Electronic

  • # 9SIA0Z208C1561

    ^ (2012). Brunton 81-300738 Solarflat 5W / 24V Solar Amorphus, BRUNTON OUTDOOR INC.. Newegg. (revised Feb 2016)

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