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Casio FX-260SOLAR FX-260 All-Purpose Scientific Calculator, 10-Digit LCD

Casio FX-260SOLAR FX-260 All-Purpose Scientific Calculator, 10-Digit LCD Type: Calculators & Accessories Features: All purpose scientific calcula

  • Casio FX-260SOLAR FX-260 All-Purpose Scientific Calculator, 10-Digit LCD available on March 26 2017 from Newegg for 9.99
  • Casio Fx-260 Solar Scientific Calculator available on November 06 2016 from TechForLess for 7.49
  • UPC bar code 079767157289 ξ2 registered March 26 2017
  • UPC bar code 079767157289 ξ3 registered November 06 2016
  • UPC bar code 079767157289 ξ1 registered September 17 2014
  • Product category is Electronic

  • FX260SOLAR
  • # N82E16844102062
  • # FX-260

An indispensable tool for students from high school onward, in lab classes, and for exams, the FX 260 features a two line display, complex number calculations, and an algebraic mode, which displays the example precisely as written. Always powered up, it's useful as a household office calculator for calculating finances, converting cooking measurements, and anything else you can think of when you wish you had a calculator at hand. The clear, readable two line display exhibits 10 digits in large numerals, showing the problem and answer together and permitting better tracking of your equations. With the Casio FX 260, you can quickly clear errors with the backspace key. You can also call upon 144 built in mathematics functions and several fraction functions for basic equations and for fun. Plus, call upon the FX 260's basic scientific, exponential, and trigonometric functions for everything you need to complete your assignments and lab work. Key in and program formulas to save for future uses. The Casio FX 260 provides one independent and six constant memory keys. It has a pragmatic key layout, making this an easy to use basic scientific calculator offering all the functions you'll need in a solidly constructed unit. Also, solar power means never replacing batteries.

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