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Bleach Volume 18 [DVD]

EAN 0782009242864
REGISTERED: 09/16/18
UPDATED: 04/20/19
Bleach Volume 18 [DVD]
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Bleach Volume 18 DVD

  • Bleach Volume 18 DVD available on April 20 2019 from Amazon for 27.57
  • UPC bar code 782009242864 ξ2 registered February 01 2014
  • UPC bar code 782009242864 ξ1 registered November 03 2013
  • Product category is Outdoor Sword
  • Manufacturered by Viz Media

Rukia, Renji and the other Soul Reapers are having a good time partying at the Kuchiki mansion when the place is attacked by what turn out to be Sword Beasts. They're the manifested Zanpakuto of Soul Reapers who died during the battle with Muramasa, and they're wreaking havoc in the Soul Society and the World of the Living! The 18th set of the hit fantasy-adventure Bleach completes the "Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc" (episodes 230 to 265), an anime-only storyline. Muramasa has been destroyed, leaving much of the Seireitei in ruins. But many of the Zanpakuto--the Soul Reapers' weapons--remain physically present as characters. Zanpakuto whose masters were killed during the previous battles have begun transforming into "Sword Monsters," violent creatures of immense power that threaten both the Seireitei and Karakura Town. Zanpakuto and Soul Reapers pursue the Monsters and destroy them in episodes that play like a series of slapstick interludes, rather than a coherent storyline. Each character Learns a Lesson, and the conflict with the most formidable monster teaches everyone that only together can Zanpakuto and Reapers realize their maximum potential. The ties between a Soul Reaper and a Zanpakuto transcend even the mystic bond samurai felt for their two swords. Director Noriyuki Abe and his crew return to the storyline of Tite Kubo's manga with the 50-episode "Arrancar: Downfall" arc, which began the 14th season of Bleach--and picked up where the story left off more than a year earlier. The Captains and Lieutenants of the Soul Society square off against Aizen and his minions to preserve Karakura Town. In the alternate dimension of the Hueco Mundo, Chad, Renji, and Rukia battle a succession of monsters while Ichigo--who was largely absent during the previous season--duels emerald-eyed Ulquiorra to rescue Orihime. Bleach fans have eagerly awaited the return to the over-the-top combat of the main storyline. (Rated Teen: violence, violence against women, grotesque imagery, risqué humor, alcohol use, minor toilet humor) --Charles Solomon (256. Byakuya's Anger! The Kuchiki Family Collapses, 257. A New Enemy! The True Nature of the Sword Fiends, 258. Stray Snake, Tortured Monkey, 259. Terror! The Monster That Lurks Underground, 260. Conclusion?! Hisagi vs. Kazeshini, 261. The Person with the Unknown Ability! Orihime Is Targeted, 262. The Tragic Sword Fiend! Haineko Cries! 263. Imprisonment?! Senbonzakura & Zabimaru, 264. Battle of the Females? Katen Kyōkotsu vs. Nanao! 265. Evolution?! The Menace of the Final Sword Fiend, 266. Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra, Resume! 267. Connected Hearts! The Left Fist Prepared for Death!)

    ^ Bleach Uncut Box Set, Vol. 18 (DVD, 2013, 2-Disc Set) EBayProduct. (revised Mar 2015)
    ^ (2013). Bleach Volume 18 [DVD], Viz Media. Amazon. (revised Apr 2019)

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Ichigo battles to save friends and finds new friends in the most unlikeliest of places. The Series Bleach shows a the abrreviated paths of and to power that supposedly eixsts within all of us. But the lessons we learn are not always clear. Enemies, and friends can be confused, and right and wrong take all forms to include exchanging places.
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