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Superior 58-0500B Superwide Sport Grip, Black

UPC 077705580281
REGISTERED: 06/05/19
UPDATED: 08/23/19
Superior 58-0500B Superwide Sport Grip, Black
Rank: 64%
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Superior 58-0500B Superwide Sport Grip, Black

  • Superior 58-0500B Superwide Sport Grip, Black available on November 07 2014 from Amazon for 6.82
  • UPC bar code 077705580281 ξ1 registered November 07 2014
  • Product category is Outdoor
  • Manufacturered by Superior
  • 58-0500B

  • Extra Wide Sport Grip Steering Wheel Cover * Sporty But Clean Look * Lace On Steering Wheel Cover * Super Thick Material Offers Comfort * 4" Wide Material Fits Up To 3 7/8" Grip, 16.5" Wheel Superior 58-0500B Superwide Sport Grip, Black

    ^ (2006). Superior 58-0500B Superwide Sport Grip, Black, Superior. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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Make sure you know which one you need, either Super Wide Sport Cover or regular Sport Cover. I like Super Wide to fully cover the grip diameter of the steering wheel.When wrapping and installing:1. I do NOT use the included plastic wrapping wire (Cut it off and KEEP IT for step 3 below). The enclosed plastic wrapping wire wear out too quickly esp. in rapid hot and cold weather changes, and/or stretches and break during wrapping/installation.2. Instead, I would use USGI mil-spec parachute cords (aka USGI p..
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The item I ordered shares the same Superior Item number with several other steering wheel covers. It was impossible to choose the proper grip. In the Sport Grip there are three different width sizes: "A", "B", and "C". None of the item descriptions listed the width sizes so it was hard to choose - as a result I ordered the wrong item. It did not make any difference anyway, I received a "C", which was too wide for my steering wheel - but it broke apart anyway when I attempted to install it. I have used ..
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I ordered one, foolishly not noticing that no sizing information is available on the Amazon site; it didn't fit. I measured the wheel of my '08 Prius and concluded that I needed not the size "B," which seems to be the default size that is sent (apparently Superior has not updated its products since 1965)--but the wider "Super Wide Sport Grip." Just to be sure, I called the Superior company in Arkansas, which, while advertising their product line on their own website, tells me that they do not sell directly ..
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