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Official Live

  • Pantera - Official Live - 101 Proof (Music CD) available on April 26 2018 from Base for 5.59
  • Atlantic available on November 18 2014 from Amazon for $4.62
  • UPC bar code 075596206822 ξ3 registered April 26 2018
  • UPC bar code 075596206822 ξ1 registered February 26 2015
  • UPC bar code 075596206822 ξ2 registered November 18 2014
  • Product category is MUSIC CD - CD - Heavy Metal Audio
  • Manufacturered by Atlantic

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  • PANTERA OFFICIAL LIVE: 101 PROOF It's a bit surprising that Pantera waited until 1997 to release a live album, considering how brutal and powerful the band had been in concert. At an average Pantera show, it would not be unusual to see security evicting overzealous fans, and club bathrooms filled with bloody wads of paper towels from mosh pit injuries. Official Live 101 Proof captures the group in its natural, violent element, combining abrupt, barbed riffs with pulse-pounding beats and furious vocals. The record spans Pantera's career, from the classic guitar lick of "Cowboys from Hell" to the fuzzbomb fury of "Suicide Note Pt. 2" (from album The Great Southern Trendkill). As an encore, the band offers album buyers two new studio tracks, the bluesy bonecrusher "Where You Come From" and the grinding piledriver "I Can't Hide." As the fortress of alternative rock continues to crumble, Pantera stomp vindictively through the rubble, their metallic legacy intact. --Jon Wiederhorn PANTERA OFFICIAL LIVE: 101 PROOF

    ^ Official Live: 101 Proof by Pantera (CD, Jul-1997, EastWest) (revised Mar 2015)
    ^ (1997). Atlantic, Atlantic. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)
    ^ Pantera - Official Live - 101 Proof (Music CD) Base. (revised Apr 2018)

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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

Give it a 4 1/2 star rating.Since Pantera has,in fact done what seems like a countless amount of tours,it seems only fitting that they'd finally release a live CD.I've seen Pantera play live something like nine(9)times now and two things I'll say about their live concerts are they know how to hold their fan's attention and one can EASILY get tired just by watching them play.The live portion of 'Official...' runs over an hour.Tunes I liked the best were "Walk","Five Minutes Alone","War Nerve","Domination/Hol..
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

Even before I read about their concerts online, saw live Pantera DVD's, or heard this C.D., I knew Pantera must put on a great live show. Most loud bands are good live, so super loud and intense bands must be insane. Plus, there are some songs (like "Hostile" and "Walk") that seem tailor made to be played live.I never really liked or appreciated live albums very much. I could never stand the crowd noise and I thought live albums paled in comparison to the band's studio albums. Pantera's "Official Live: 101 ..
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

Nothing beats a PanterA show. They are the greatest live band ever. I have seen a few and everytime I go to another concert (no matter who it is), I always say, "PanterA has hardly any lights, but their sounds make you wanna scream!" I like this album a lot, and love the live version of A NEW LEVEL (Phil really hits the chorus hard, makes you realize just how angry in life you can become). WHERE I COME FROM is definately bluesey, and it's an ok song, but for my money, I like I CAN'T HIDE. It start..
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