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Codling Moth Trap Brand: Springstar Type: Traps & Cages Pest Type: Moths Features: Codling moths are worldwide pests that damage the fruits of apple, pear and quince during the insect's worm stage

  • Codling Moth Trap available on July 29 2016 from NeweggBusiness for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">15.99
  • Codling Moth Trap available on January 13 2016 from Newegg for 44.45
  • UPC bar code 752587015068 ξ2 registered March 22 2016
  • UPC bar code 752587015068 ξ3 registered December 02 2015
  • UPC bar code 752587015068 ξ1 registered September 16 2015
  • Product category is Springstar Oak Stump Codling Moth Trap Grocery Fruit

Codling moths can infest every apple in an orchard if left unchecked. The worms burrow through the fruit, leaving brown frass and tunnels. The resulting fruit is often unsuitable for eating. Codling moth worms hatch out of eggs which are laid on the fruit by female moths. The moths emerge 3 to 5 times a year (depending on climate) starting soon after bud break. Controlling the moths during these key flight times, before the eggs are laid, can effectively prevent worm damage to fruit. The Codling Moth Trap pinpoints these flight times by capturing the male moths which fly at the same time as the female moths. Apply appropriate controls at th...

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