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Appealing Banana Costume

EAN 0721773665738
REGISTERED: 05/20/18
UPDATED: 01/22/21
Appealing Banana Costume

Appealing Banana Costume Age: Kids Gender: Unisex Size: M/L Color: Multi-Color Condition: New

  • Appealing Banana Costume available on May 20 2018 from Newegg for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">19.28
  • UPC bar code 721773665738 ξ1 registered April 24 2015
  • Product category is Child Appealing Banana Costume Art Costume
  • Manufacturered by Forum Novelties
  • 9SIA0BS09D4148
  • # 9SIA13179X2986

These jokes may not be a appealing as the Appealing Banana costume that features a yellow jumpsuit with the top of the banana peeled back, exposing the white fruit inside. It also had a blue banana label just like the real fruit! This one size fits most costume will be perfect for kids who wear any size between an 8 and a 14.We'll provide you with a few to get started. For example, Why does a banana need sunscreen? Because bananas peel. And , What do you call two banana skins? A pair of slippers! LOL. Color: As Shown Material: 100% Polyester - exclusive of decoraiton Care Instructions: HAND WASH IN COLD WATER. DO NOT BLEACH. DRY FLAT. DO NOT IRON. Condition: New

    ^ (2012). Appealing Banana Costume, Forum Novelties. Newegg. (revised May 2018)

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