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SureFire Self Igniting Torch Kits

UPC 070042190830
REGISTERED: 04/20/18
UPDATED: 06/02/20
Bernzomatic TS8000 - High Intensity Trigger Start Torch

Bernzomatic TS8000 - High Intensity Trigger Start Torch

  • Bernzomatic TS8000 - High Intensity Trigger Start Torch available on August 03 2018 from Amazon for 41.18
  • UPC bar code 070042190830 ξ2 registered December 31 2013
  • UPC bar code 070042190830 ξ1 registered September 17 2014
  • Product category is Automobile
  • Manufacturered by Bernzomatic
  • 361530

  • Product weight is 1.2 lbs.
Auto start/stop ignition easily ignites and extinguishes flame Ultra swirl flame provides maximum heat output for large diameter soldering, brazing, heat treating and light welding For best results, use with MAP-Pro fuel, such as the Bernzomatic 14.1 oz. MAP-Pro Hand Torch Cylinder Cast aluminum body construction for durability Pressure regulated for consistent performance when tilted or momentarily inverted Adjustable flame control knob for ease in switching between different applications Adjustable flame control knob to easily size flame for different applications Instant on/off trigger igniter with simple one-handed operation Cast aluminum body for durability Lock button keeps torch lit for finger-free use Max Heat Torch for Faster Work Times

    ^ (2020). SureFire Self Igniting Torch Kits, BernzOmatic. (revised Oct 2014)
    ^ Bernzomatic TS8000 - High Intensity Trigger Start Torch, Bernzomatic. Amazon. (revised Aug 2018)

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   The torch is very well constructed and works flawlessly. the flame control is a great feature missing from most other self-igniting torches,but one thing bugs the heck out of me. If you damage the tip, have solder drip into it or remove it and lose it, you have to replace the whole torch. I called Bernzomatic customer support and was told that they do not sell only the tips. I then asked why they make the tip removable and was told that is to enable the self-igniter to be ..
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Recently took on a diy project involving 1" copper so it was time to retire my 40 year old well used Bernzomatic propane torch (until I needed it to fix my new one, see below) and upgrade to the higher heat MAPP gas. Bottom line this is a first class torch and well worth the money given the features and quality. No more scratching a separate flint tool to light and the trigger on and off is much easier than turning a valve (which you can still do with this but no n..
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