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Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon 40 ct (Pack Of 3)

EAN 0690346000255
REGISTERED: 11/18/17
UPDATED: 10/22/19
Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon 40 ct (Pack Of 3)
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Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon 40 ct (Pack Of 3)

  • Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon 40 ct (Pack Of 3) available on October 23 2014 from Amazon for 13.38
  • UPC bar code 690346000255 ξ1 registered October 23 2014
  • Product category is Home
  • Manufacturered by Ziploc
  • 00690346000255

Block out air and lock in freshness Three boxes, 40 bags per box, 120 bags total Gallon size Store and organize just about anything.Store and organize just about anything. Keep food fresh and secure. Protect your food with Ziploc brand Storage Bags. Each bag blocks out air and locks in freshness, which means less wasted food and money. Plus, our Smart Zip Plus seal lets you feel, hear and see the bag close from edge-to-edge, so you can feel confident your food is protected Ziploc Storage Bags Store and organize just about anything: vegetables, fruit, cosmetics, yarn, business cards, maps, and so much more. Convenient for storing meat, seafood, or poultry in the refrigerator. Features our Smart Zip Plus seal. Made of durable, long-lasting plastic. Microwave safe (use as directed). When defrosting and reheating, open zipper one inch to vent. Caution: when using in microwave, place bag on a microwave-safe dish. Handle with care. Bag and contents may be hot. Do not overheat contents as bag may melt. Ziploc Brand - Get more out of it!Ziploc Brand - Get more out of it! Can Ziploc brand Bags be used in the microwave or Can I boil in it? Ziploc brand Freezer and Storage Bags may be used for microwave reheating and defrosting. When defrosting or reheating, always open the zipper one inch to vent. Be careful when reheating foods that are high in fat or sugar content (bacon, pastries), because these foods reheat very quickly and may exceed the softening point of the bags. Ziploc brand Sandwich Bags and Snack Bags should not be used in the microwave because they are too thin. No. Ziploc brand Bags are not designed to withstand the extreme heat of boiling. Storing important papers from school. As the school year ends, sort through papers and projects. Those you want to keep can stay tidy (and labeled) in a Ziploc Brand Big Bag. Note: Our half gallon and two-gallon Storage Bags do not include the Smart Zip Plus seal. Caution: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies and young children.

    ^ (2014). Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon 40 ct (Pack Of 3), Ziploc. Amazon. (revised Oct 2014)

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