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Starlancer - PC

EAN 0659556147129
REGISTERED: 10/06/17
UPDATED: 08/14/18
Starlancer - PC
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Starlancer - PC

  • Starlancer - PC available on November 15 2015 from Amazon for 19.99
  • UPC bar code 659556147129 ξ1 registered November 15 2015
  • Product category is Video
  • Manufacturered by Microsoft
  • A69-00004

  • Product weight is 0.8 lbs.
Lethal spacecraft and weaponry!Product Information  StarLancer bines the action offirst-person space bat with the drama and intrigue of aclassic air bat movie. Countries from around the worldincluding the United States China Russia and Great Britain haveformed strategic alliances and now battle for control of EarthMars and other plas across the solar system. As part of anewly formed ragtag aviation unit the 45th Volunteers Squadronplayers must prove themselves and earn the respect of their peers.This dramatic story based on the dynamic history of the 20th century warfareincludes over 25 minutes of Holly-quality puter generated cinematics and 40custom posed music tracks.  Pilot 12 different fighters and dogfightwith enemy fighters that each have their own "artificial intelligence"profile for more realistic space bat.  Join the fight for thefuture.  Enlist.Product Features Stunning 3-D graphics and effects. StarLancer will provide a level of graphic details and effects not currently found in space bat games with particle effects dramatic source lighting and realistic ship destruction. More than 80 types of spacecraft are rendered in extraordinary 3-D detail throughout the game. Dynamic mission structure. StarLancer missions are designed to challenge players create a wide variety of gameplay and enhance the story lines. Players fly in over 25 gripping missions that range from escorting marine boarding ships to free POWs to leading an assault on space stations built right into an asteroid field. Immersive story line. StarLancer features a dramatic story based on the dynamic history of 20th century warfare. To enhance the story StarLancer includes over 25 minutes of Hollywood-quality full-motion puter-generated cinematics over 250 unique pilot animations and 36 custom-posed original music scores. Living Starlancer is a gripping space combat game that combines the intense action of first-person space combat with the drama and intrigue of a classic WWII air combat movie. With stunning 3-D graphics and over 25 spine-tingling missions, players are pulled into an epic battle for control of the solar system. Developed by the creators of the Wing Commander and Privateer series of games, Starlancer is sure to set the standard by which future space combat games are measured.

    ^ (2000). Starlancer - PC, Microsoft. Amazon. (revised Nov 2015)

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