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Bop It! Smash

EAN 0653569707288
REGISTERED: 06/23/18
UPDATED: 06/23/18
Bop It! Smash
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Bop It! Smash

  • Bop It! Smash available on February 02 2015 from Amazon for 4.99
  • UPC bar code 653569707288 ξ1 registered February 02 2015
  • Product category is Software Game
  • Manufacturered by Hasbro Games
  • 32949
  • # MLB32949F

  • Product weight is 0.0093 lbs.
  • Fast-flashing lights bolt from side to side challenging you to time it right and smash the light in one of 3 zone spaces * The quicker your reflexes, the higher you?ll score * 3 Intense games allow you to play Solo or challenge your friends * Try it once and you?ll be hooked. The hardest part is putting it down * 3 AAA Alkaline Batteries Required. Demo batteries included Smashingly awesome game challenges you to keep up with the flashing Bop it lights. Master three fantastic ways to play. Trap and play with light. A quick reaction skill game that tests your reflexes New Bop it smash is the fact action game to test your competitive nature

    ^ (2013). Bop It! Smash, Hasbro Games. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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This game is a simple, fun and addictive little toy. The object of the game is to "smash" the light in the center zone by smasing the two ends together with your hands. It's easy to hold and when I say addictive, it really is hard to put down and you find yourself picking it up whenever you have a free moment or just want to relax and have fun. The packaging says it's meant for people 8 years and over, but my 5 year old grandson has a lot of fun playing with it too. You can play it by yourself or with u..
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We really enjoyed Bop It 2 Extreme and were hoping for a repeat of that experience. Right away, people pick up Bop It Smash, understand how to play, and get hooked. The idea is to try to get the moving lights to stop in the right spot. It is like a much simpler version of Whack a Mole. Much simpler.As you may guess, the problem is that it is too simple. It gets old very fast. Within an hour or so of playing, noone had any interest any more. So, this might be a good thing to have sitting around when other ki..
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While my kids were super excited to get Bop It Smash out of the box and play with it, they quickly discovered that it was not as fun or challenging as the original Bop it. With Bop It Smash the goal is to smash the two sides in when the lights flash in the center of the toy. each round has the lights move quicker and in different patterns. While the idea is fun, it grew old quickly. Unlike the original Bop it, with the change from pulling, twisting and bopping, which was fun and kept the kids in their t..
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