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Combination of CPEP Series Laminated Placemats

EAN 0642782573701
REGISTERED: 04/01/18
UPDATED: 01/22/19
Combination of CPEP Series Laminated Placemats
Combination of CPEP Series Laminated Placemats

  • Combination of CPEP Series Laminated Placemats available on October 29 2014 from Amazon for 14.95
  • UPC bar code 642782573701 ξ1 registered October 29 2014
  • Product category is Home Education
  • Manufacturered by Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP)
  • 899644

A total of 4 placemats - includes the Fundamental Particles and Interactions, Nuclear Science, Fusion, History and the Fate of the Universe Placemat. Sized for individual use. This placemat is laminated with heavy duty plastic - 10 mil. These charts have appeared in major motion pictures and on prime time television. Up-to-date guide. An attractive and colorful educational resource. Perfect addition to any classroom, wall or even the dining table. The Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP) is a world wide, non profit consortium of teacher educators and physicists. CPEP-developed materials seek to disseminate current understanding of the fundamental nature of matter and energy, incorporating the major research findings of recent years. Now four of their most popular and informative offerings have been combined into these all in one packages. Nuclear Science covers radioactivity, nuclear and stellar energy, antimatter and the Big Bang. Fusion provides an overview of plasma physics and fusion energy. Fundamental Particles summarizes the work of quarks, gluons and neutrinos. History and Fate of the Universe shows the timeline of our galaxy.

    ^ Combination of CPEP Series Laminated Placemats, Contemporary Physics Education Project (cpep). Amazon. (revised Oct 2014)

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