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A Christmas Carol (DVD, 2009)

UPC 063634016250
REGISTERED: 11/04/17
UPDATED: 11/29/20
A Christmas Carol (Emerald Edition)

A Christmas Carol (Emerald Edition)

  • A Christmas Carol (Emerald Edition) available on November 26 2017 from Amazon for 8.95
  • UPC bar code 063634016250 ξ2 registered January 14 2014
  • UPC bar code 063634016250 ξ1 registered September 05 2015
  • Product category is General
  • Manufacturered by FindingKing

This is the desert-island choice of the many versions of A Christmas Carol, with a magnificent, full-bodied portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge by Alastair Sim that leaves everyone else in the dust. Lean and direct, this film's version of the story wast

    ^ A Christmas Carol (DVD, 2009) (revised Nov 2015)
    ^ A Christmas Carol (Emerald Edition), Findingking. Amazon. (revised Nov 2017)

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While this film is very faithful to the elements of Dickens' narrative it takes many liberties with inventing other scenes wholesale. Some may help to explain certain situations, such as how Scrooge and his father came to be estranged and why Scrooge holds a grudge against Fred. But others seem unnecessary such as the subplot concerning the hostile takeover of Fezziwig's. Nevertheless this film is a definite fan favorite and is very well produced. The roles of ..
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I love all the different versions of Scrooge through out the years. I bought everyone since the original black and white. If you are a Scrooge fan, then this version will not disappoint!!
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This is an incredibly moving (and quite serious, even bleak) version of the Charles Dickens Classic. In fact this British-made film originally produced in 1951 and directed by Irish-born Brian Desmond Hurst, and starring the amazingly talented thespian Alastair Sim is perhaps the most realistically/ authentically 'Dickensian' of all the numerous versions = there are no song-and-dance numbers here, but there definitely exists a convincingly 'haunting' atmosphere (ne..
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This concerns the MorningStar Emerald Edition. There were two versions of this film. In North America it was released as 'A Christmas Carol'. In the U.K. it was released as 'Scrooge'. VCI uses the U.K. version in all it's releases except for the very first VHS tape in the '70's. Mornigstar uses the North American version. The restoration is not as extreme as VCI's. The focus is softer, there is munch less grain, and the blacks aren't as quite as deep, but just enou..
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