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Melodic Bingo Cards by Michiko Yurko

EAN 0609408233128
REGISTERED: 06/23/18
UPDATED: 06/23/18
Melodic Bingo Cards by Michiko Yurko
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Melodic Bingo Cards by Michiko Yurko

  • Melodic Bingo Cards by Michiko Yurko available on February 28 2015 from Amazon for 35.95
  • UPC bar code 609408233128 ξ1 registered February 28 2015
  • Product category is Electronic Card
  • Manufacturered by Music Mind Games

The melodic bingo cards are a set of 12 two-sided cards measuring 11 x 16. These versatile cards are used to learn lines and spaces, note direction, sing major and minor patterns in unison and in parts, and play bingo. Game Ideas include solfege and Curwen hand signs chart, photos and 4 entertaining games. Each card is unique with carefully arranged patterns. The cards support moveable fixed numbers, and/or letters to teach melodic patterns. Each card contains graphics showing the Curwen hand signs and the tones of the scale in do re mi rainbow colors. Side 1: The patterns use a G major 5-note scale, chosen since it contains no accidentals or ledger linesSide 2: The patterns use a G major 8-note scale and a 5-note E minor scale. Teacher's Guide: This guide shows all the patterns used on the cards and includes charts for Curwen hand signsIncludes: 12 two-sided cards (coated with an environmentally-friendly aqueous coating for durability)Game Ideas contain 4 games and variations and Curwen hand signs chart Teacher's Guide of patterns magic notes magic wand

    ^ Melodic Bingo Cards by Michiko Yurko, Music Mind Games. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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