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Spring Ground Mineral

UPC 053695124339
REGISTERED: 03/24/18
UPDATED: 12/09/19
Moultrie Mfh-m1 Spring Ground Mineral

"Moultrie Spring Ground Mineral Brand New, The Moultrie MFH-M1 is a Spring Ground Mineral which draws deer onto your property and keeps them coming back for more with its enticing taste and scent

  • Moultrie Mfh-m1 Spring Ground Mineral available on July 21 2016 from FactoryOutletStore for 29.95
  • UPC bar code 053695124339 ξ2 registered April 15 2014
  • UPC bar code 053695124339 ξ1 registered April 05 2015
  • Product category is Spring Ground Mineral MFHM1 Electronic

It contains chelated minerals, that have been attached to a specific amino acid to increase digestion and fully utilize the trace mineral. Its sweet berry scent serves as a deer attractant, and the chelated minerals along with other beneficial ingredients will supply the nutrition content critical for optimum rack growth. The spring mineral is full of all the ingredients deer need to grow into bigger bucks with bigger racks. It provides your deer herd with a high-protein supplement, packed with a nutrient-rich formulation of calcium, phosphorous and vitamins. This deer attractant increases your chances of taking that big buck. Moultrie deer spring ground mineral are what you need for maximum attraction, maximum nutrition and maximum antler growth. MFH-M1 Features: Product # MFH-M1, Spring Ground Mineral, Draws Deer Onto Your Property, Enticing Sweet Berry Taste & Scent, High-Protein Supplement - Contains Calcium, Phosphorous, Vitamins & Minerals, Maximum Attraction, Nutrition & Antler Growth"

    ^ (2014). Spring Ground Mineral, MOULTRIE PRODUCTS, LLC. (revised Apr 2015)
    ^ Moultrie Mfh-m1 Spring Ground Mineral, Moultrie. FactoryOutletStore. (revised Jul 2016)

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