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Cubette Mini Ice Cube Trays

UPC 050581012442
REGISTERED: 04/10/18
UPDATED: 06/25/18
Cubette Mini Ice Cube Trays
Rank: 67%
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Cubette Mini Ice Cube Trays

  • Cubette Mini Ice Cube Trays available on March 17 2014 from Amazon for 2.03
  • UPC bar code 050581012442 ξ1 registered March 17 2014
  • Product category is Home Blender
  • Manufacturered by Better Housewares
  • 1244/2
  • # 40204000548

  • Product weight is 0.45 lbs.
  • Set of 2 white cubette ice trays. * 90 mini ice cubes per tray. * Twist to release cubes. * Each tray measures: 10 1/2 x 1/2 x 3 1/2". Get ready to "chill-out" with these cute mini ice cube trays ! The 1/2 inch cubettes are great for crunching and can be used in place of crushed ice for mixed drinks and bottled water. The little cubes chill drinks faster and more evenly because of exposure to more cooling surface area. Because of their small size, they also freeze faster. Just "rinse and twist"* over a wide container and the 90 little cubettes are perfectly released.

    ^ Cubette Mini Ice Cube Trays, Better Housewares. Amazon. (revised Mar 2014)

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For those who love to crunch on iceThis tiny size is niceJust pop a couple in your mouthAnd roll them round like diceFor making icy cocktail drinksThis size is pretty swellAnd mixed with all those milky shakesThey'll grind up very wellThe only problem that you'll findIs popping from the trayYou have to let them sit a whileOr in there they will stayThe tray is not too flexibleIt doesn't like to bendYou have to wait a minute plusBefore you can up-endThe way that really works for meIs first, to let them sitThe..
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