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Domino Sugar, Granulated, 10-Pound Bags

UPC 049200047545
REGISTERED: 02/04/18
UPDATED: 04/02/20
Domino Sugar, Granulated, 10-Pound Bags

Domino Sugar, Granulated, 10-Pound Bags

  • Domino Sugar, Granulated, 10-Pound Bags available on February 27 2016 from Amazon for 1.99
  • UPC bar code 049200047545 ξ1 registered November 05 2013
  • Product category is Grocery
  • Manufacturered by Domino
  • 0004920004754

  • Product weight is 10 lbs.
Bag containing 10-pounds of Domino Sugar Premium pure cane Extra fine granulated Free flowing and of the highest quality Domino Granulated Pure Cane Sugar is extra fine granulated, free-flowing and of the highest quality. This all-purpose sugar is ideal for table use, baking, preserving, canning, and for sweetening beverages

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the bag was unsealed. It had been placed in a large plastic bag as well, to catch the sugar as it fell out of the bag. It was just too bad the plastic bag had holes in it. Yes I will purchase this sugar again but never from here. They could at least have taped it closed or something.
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First of all, let's get this out of the way right now. A bag of Domino sugar does NOT cost 18 dollars in your local supermarket. It's never been anywhere CLOSE to that outrageous price. Why should it be much MUCH more online? Come on! As you can tell by looking at the seller prices under the used section (unless the prices change drastically in the future or by the time you read this review, and hey the way the world's going, those prices just *might* increase) it only costs a few do..
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Never thought I'd be rating sugar, but here goes. It truly was a great buy. I didn't need to open right away, but when I did I was surprised. I don't know how this sugar was warehoused, but it had to be awfully humid. I had to and I'm still chopping this sugar up. Some pieces were so solidified I threw them in the sink. It took the hot water some time before they dissolved. I don't want to return, but I will think twice before ordering sugar again.
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