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Yat Ming Scale 1:18 - 1948 Tucker Torpedo

UPC 047816922683
REGISTERED: 06/03/19
UPDATED: 05/27/20
Yat Ming Scale 1:18 - 1948 Tucker Torpedo
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Yat Ming Scale 1:18 - 1948 Tucker Torpedo

  • Yat Ming Scale 1:18 - 1948 Tucker Torpedo available on February 17 2017 from Amazon for 29.99
  • UPC bar code 047816922683 ξ1 registered January 09 2014
  • Product category is Automobile Car
  • Manufacturered by Yat Ming
  • 92268

  • Product color is multicolore

  • Product weight is 2.87 lbs.
Detailed engine Features opening hood Opening doors Adjustable steering wheel Preston Tucker had a dream to create the most advanced car of his day. His revolutionary Tucker Torpedo bristled with aircraft technology and safety features. The Tucker was so far ahead of its time it frightened Americas big automakers who promptly drove him out of business. Now you can own Preston Tuckers dream. Your Torpedo is handmade from over 140 parts and arrives in brilliant Waltz Blue paint or metallic gold with a set of custom luggage loaded up front in the trunk. From the center mounted swivel'' headlight to the rear mounted flat-six engine, your replica is sure to spark memories of Americas postwar optimism! This off-road version of the Tucker will be as prized by serious car collectors as the original was. It's an 11-inch die-cast model in the signature metallic blue, with all the classic components of the original. The doors, hood, and trunk open; the steering works; and of course there's the distinctive pivoting third headlight. The only thing this car doesn't have is the speed to get up to 131 mph like the rare Tuckers did once upon a time. Lynne Sampson

    ^ (2008). Yat Ming Scale 1:18 - 1948 Tucker Torpedo, Yat Ming. Amazon. (revised Feb 2017)

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The '48 Tucker Torpedo is an important part of American automotive history, and it is fitting that the industry came up with a nicely crafted 1:18 tribute to it. Tucker took on the Detroit Big 3 following the close of World War II, basing his business on the proposition that the American driver would vote his/her purchase dollars for innovation and safety, rather than more of the same prewar stock. The Torpedo featured such important safety precautions as structu..
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