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Nintendo DSi XL Bronze

UPC 045496718909
REGISTERED: 01/13/18
UPDATED: 11/25/20
Nintendo DSi XL Bronze

  • Nintendo DSi XL Bronze available on July 08 2018 from Amazon for 169.99
  • UPC bar code 045496718909 ξ2 registered February 15 2015
  • UPC bar code 045496718909 ξ1 registered July 03 2012
  • Product category is Software
  • Manufacturered by Nintendo

  • Product color is Bronze

  • Product weight is 2.2 lbs.
Retains all the functionality of the DSi including: downloads via the Nintendo DSi Shop New, large diagonal LCD screen size (4.2-inch) allows for the best visual quality DS gaming experience to date. Unit comes pre-loaded with three DSi Ware titles, including: Brain Age Express: Math New release two toned Bronze color scheme adds a unique and distinct touch to your handheld gaming experience. Hardware includes a full size, easy to hold stylus that matches the exterior color of your chosen DSi XL. Nintendo DSi XL Bronze Modern handheld gaming has long been dominated by Nintendo and Sony. Each hardware manufacturer has multiple viable offerings derived either directly, or evolving from the respective DS and PlayStation Portable product lines. All of these devices are impressive multifunctional devices, with designs meant to encourage gameplay on the go, integration with the Internet, backwards compatibility to previous games, and so on, but each goes about this in different ways. Taking a few minutes to examine the main features, and getting more familiar with available options, accessories and possible limitations of each handheld is the optimal way to determine which is the best choice for a player. Handheld Console Choices
  Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS View larger Nintendo DSi/DSi XL Nintendo DSi View larger PSP PlayStation Portable (PSP) View larger PSPgo PSPgo View larger PlayStation Vita PlayStation Vita View larger
Suggested Retail Price (prices may vary) $169.99 $149.99/$169.99 $149.99 $199.99 $249.99 - $299.99 (February 2012)
Display Dual screen: upper - 3.53" LCD, lower - 3.02" LCD touch screen Dual screen, backlit, 3.25"/4.2", LCD with 256 x 192 resolution 4.3" full transparent 3.8" full transparent 5" OLED multi-touch screen
Internal Usable Memory 64 MB NA 64 MB 16 GB TBD
External Media Storage SD memory card SD memory card Sony Memory Stick Duo Memory stick micro New proprietary "NVG" flash cards
Size 5.3" (l) x 2.9" (w) x 0.8" (h) 5.4" (w) x 2.9" (l) x 0.74" (h) / 6.3" (w) x 3.6" (l) x 0.84" (h) 6.7 (w) x 2.7" (w) x 0.7" (h) 5.0 (w) x 2.71" (h) x 0.65" (d) 7.2 (l) x 3.3" (w) x 0.73" (d)
Weight 8 oz. 7.5/11.1 oz. 6.7 oz. 5.5 oz. TBD
Colors Aqua Blue, Flaming Red, Cosmo Black 7.5 oz. Piano black (other colors via bundles) Piano black, Pearl white Black (other colors to follow)
Backwards Compatibility Plays most DS and DSi games Plays all DS games Plays all PSP games in UMD format, or available via download; also plays downloadable PS1 games for PSP Plays all PSP games available via download and PS1 games for PSP Plays all PSP games available via download and PS1 games for PSP
Wireless Communications Supports local Nintendo wireless connectivity between devices and IEEE802.11 b/g Wi-Fi connectivity Supports local Nintendo wireless connectivity between devices and IEEE802.11 b/g Wi-Fi connectivity Local ad hoc connectivity between PSP devices and infrastructure Wi-Fi connection options Local ad hoc connectivity between PSP devices and infrastructure Wi-Fi connection options 3G support in one or two hardware releases; standard ad hoc connectivity between devices and infrastructure Wi-Fi connection options in both
Online Media Portal Nintendo eShop Nintendo DSi Shop PlayStation Network PlayStation Network PlayStation Network
Streaming Video Netflix* No PSN movie rentals, and other video content PSN movie rentals, and other video content PSN movie rentals, and other video content
Internet Browser Built-in Built-in Built-in Built-in Built-in
Console Integration Yes, with Wii Yes, with Wii Yes, with PS3 Yes, with PS3 Yes, with PS3
Game Media Game card and digital download Game card and digital download UMD disc and digital download Digital download Digital download, alternate media TBD
Online Multiplayer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Local Wireless Multiplayer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Estimated Battery Life 3-8 hrs 3-14 hrs 4-6 hours 4-6 hours TBD
Input Method Touch screen, face and shoulder buttons, circle pad, motion/gyro sensor Touch screen, face and shoulder buttons Analog stick, D-pad, face buttons and shoulder buttons Analog stick, D-pad, face buttons and shoulder buttons Front and rear touch inputs, 2 analog sticks, D-pad, face buttons and shoulder buttons
Digital Camera(s) 3 (0.3 megapixels); 3D capabilities 2 (0.3 megapixels) No No 2
Built-in Microphone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Graphic Quality Top adjustable 3D screen - 800 x 240 resolution; lower screen - 320 x 240 resolution 256 x 192 resolution 480 x 272 resolution (16:9 aspect ratio) 480 x 272 resolution (16:9 aspect ratio) 960 x 544 resolution (16:9 aspect ratio)
General Game Price Range Standard:$19.99 - $39.99Downloads:$1.99 - $4.99 Standard:$19.99 - $39.99Downloads:$1.99 - $4.99 Standard:$19.99 - $39.99Downloads:$1.99 - $4.99 Standard:$19.99 - $39.99Downloads:$1.99 - $4.99 Standard:$19.99 - $39.99Downloads:$1.99 - $4.99
Online Play and Functionality The wireless revolution in personal electronics has made online functionality and connectivity to the Internet a huge focus in handheld gaming. Every handheld console has an online arena that has either been built specifically for it, or that has been adapted to suit the needs of online players. By utilizing these portals players can greatly expand their chosen platform's potential, maximize gaming fun and increase the overall entertainment value of their devices. Nintendo eShop logo The Nintendo eShop is your one-stop shop for exciting downloadable games, videos, applications, and so much more. Discover all-new 3D software, plus legendary titles from gaming past remastered in 3D. Revisit with classic portable "Virtual Console" games starring Mario, Link, many other faces from the Nintendo catalog of games. Gain access to hundreds of previously released DSiWare games, applications and much more. Browsing the Nintendo eShop is incredibly easy, and fun. Find any title in seconds, then view screenshots, game info, and even video to help you make your purchase. You'll even find details and 3D video of Nintendo 3DS games available at retail stores. All games are able to be saved in your own custom wishlist so you can always remember the titles you want to get. DSiWare logo DSiWare through the DSi Shop is a service that allows DSi players to download games and applications directly to their handheld console in exchange for DSi Points purchased through a local retailer. Experience new and innovative gameplay, fresh takes on the classics-and much more. Just shop, download, and enjoy. Visiting the DSi Shop is easy, just establish wireless broadband connection, click on the Nintendo DSi Shop icon from your menu screen and browse the shop and use Nintendo DSi Points. Games and applications can be saved to SD cards (sold separately). PlayStation Network logo PlayStation Network is an all access pass not only to a world of gaming, but also one of entertainment at-large. The service is 100% free, only requiring a PlayStation handheld (or a PS3) and a broadband connection to the Internet Once you are in visit the PlayStation Store where users can download games, first run and classic movies, previews, DLC add-ons for games, game demos, music and original PlayStation oriented streaming video content. Purchases can be made using a credit card or a PlayStation Network Card purchased offline. Content can be stored on external media or within the hard drive of the PSPgo. * Existing Netflix unlimited membership account required.

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Customer Video Review Length:: 2:58 MinsNintendo does it again!I am going to be honest when i say i really wanted the BURGUNDY colored DSi XL. However, when i stopped by my local Toys R Us today, there weren't any on display. I couldn't imagine myself walking around with a Pink DSi XL. I'm a guy after all! HahahaThis is an extremely well built device. One can feel the quality when the device is in your hand (Even though it says Made in China on the back). After all..
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     Firstly I'd like to say I'm a 43 year old mom. I got into gaming several years ago and my kids and I have a lot of fun with the Nintendo DS. We have had the original DS, DS Lites, DSi's, and now the DSi XL. I got an XL for myself. My son has many GBA games so he doesn't want one (because the DSi XL cannot play any GBA - Gameboy Advance- games) and my daughter thought it was too big to be portable. She likes something that fits easily into a backpack or ..
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