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The Cranberries - Stars - The Best Videos 1992-2002

UPC 044006478197
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UPDATED: 11/30/20
The Cranberries - Stars - The Best Videos 1992-2002

The Cranberries - Stars - The Best Videos 1992-2002

  • The Cranberries - Stars - The Best Videos 1992-2002 available on November 25 2016 from Amazon for 19.98
  • UPC bar code 044006478197 ξ1 registered October 20 2015
  • Product category is Video
  • Manufacturered by Island

  • Product weight is 0.3 lbs.
CRANBERRIES THE STARS - THE BEST OF VIDEOS 1992/2002 This DVD features 17 music videos by Cranberries, a 30 minute live concert from Vicar Street in Ireland, 3 additional live performances, DVD-ROM Section with downloadable PC wallpaper, 3 director's cuts of videos, full motion menu screens, a full length d Here's a video package that is, well, fruitful. And regardless of one's opinion of the Cranberries, no buyer will be shortchanged--not with well over an hour of music from their first decade together (17 music videos, plus four "alternate takes"), loads of live material (including a 34-minute, nine-song concert), a 26-minute documentary, and even an interactive DVD-ROM. It helps that the group's music--sometimes melodic and harmony-laden ("Dreams," "Ode to My Family"), sometimes powerful and driving ("Zombie"), sometimes both ("This Is the Day")--is also good, and that singer and principal songwriter Dolores O'Riordan is an appealing presence. The music videos, guided by a variety of directors, are all worthy, sometimes considerably more than that; and if the group's 2000 concert in their native Ireland reveals them to be a somewhat less compelling live presence, well, there's still enough juice in these Cranberries to slake almost anyone's thirst. --Sam Graham

    ^ (2002). The Cranberries - Stars - The Best Videos 1992-2002, Island. Amazon. (revised Nov 2016)

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Dolores O'Riordan and her supporting bandmates have created a very well put and very artistic set of videos. These videos hold more treasure than that of many other artists. While Other artists have to rely on sex, drugs, guns and glamorous life portrayed in their videos in order to gain public interest for their sales, The Cranberries, led by Dolores O'Riordan's mystical immortal-like hand uses other more artistic ways, such as colorful schemes, moving stories, an..
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