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Panasonic DMW-USBC1 USB Connection Cable (White)

"Panasonic DMW-USBC1 Brand New, The Panasonic DMW-USBC1 is a USB cable to connect panasonic camera or smartphones with computer on printer

  • Panasonic Dmw-usbc1 Usb Cable available on January 04 2017 from FactoryOutletStore for 34.95
  • Panasonic DMW-USBC1 USB Connection Cable (White) available on April 26 2016 from Amazon for 20.86
  • UPC bar code 037988264148 ξ1 registered July 28 2014
  • UPC bar code 037988264148 ξ2 registered February 24 2016
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Panasonic
  • # 90812-5
  • Product color is White

This cable can be used to transfer files to your PC or print them straight from your camera via any USB port on printer. It also has an added advantage of a winding base that pulls both ends back inside it to minimize tangling and maximize portability. DMW-USBC1 Features: USB Connection Cable, Auto Rewind, 4.9 Feet Max Cable Length, Connects Panasonic Cameras w/ PC/Printer, For Panasonic Models DMC-GM1KS DMC-FH6K DMC-LF1K DMC-GH3KBODY DMC-ZS20S DMC-TS4S DMC-GX7SBODY DMC-TS4K DMC-G6KK DMC-GX7KS DMC-ZS35K DMC-XS1PZW05 DMC-XS1PZW09 DMC-FH10P DMC-TS20D DMC-XS1PZK05 DMC-XS1PZW10 DMC-XS1PZK09 DMC-G5KBODY DMC-XS1PZW13 DMC-XS1PZK14 DMC-XS1PZK15 DMC-XS1PZK16 DMC-XS1PZW04 DMC-GF3KK DMC-SZ8K DMC-ZS40S DMC-ZS40K DMC-ZS35W DMC-LZ40K DMC-ZS20K DMC-FZ70K DMC-TS20K DMC-G5KKCP DMC-XS1W DMC-GF3CT DMC-FZ200K DMC-XS1W DMC-LF1W DMC-XS1K DMC-TS5K DMC-TS5A DMC-TS25K DMC-TS25A DMC-GF6KK DMC-SZ3W DMC-SZ3V DMC-FH10K DMC-LX7K DMC-LX7W DMC-G5KK DMC-ZS30S DMC-ZS30K DMC-GX1XK DMC-G3KK DMC-LX5K DMC-GF3KT DMC-G3KW DMC-G3KT DMC-ZS30W DMC-ZS25S DMC-ZS25K DMC-XS1R DMC-TS5S DMC-TS5D DMC-TS25W DMC-TS25R DMC-SZ3K DMC-FZ60K DMC-SZ1S DMC-FZ60K DMC-F5K DMC-LX5W DMC-GF3CK DMC-GX1KK DMC-GX1XS DMC-GX1KS DMC-TS20A DMC-TS20R DMC-SZ5K DMC-LZ20K DMC-FX90K DMC-ZS20R DMC-TS4A DMC-TS4D DMC-3D1K DMC-ZS15S DMC-ZS15K DMC-FH10V DMC-ZS20W DMC-G3KR DMC-S2K DMC-FH8V DMC-SZ1R DMC-SZ1K DMC-SZ1A DMC-SZ7K DMC-S2P DMC-FH8S DMC-S2V DMC-FH5S DMC-FH25R"

    ^ Panasonic Dmw-usbc1 Usb Cable, Panasonic. FactoryOutletStore. (revised Jan 2017)
    ^ Panasonic DMW-USBC1 USB Connection Cable (White), Panasonic. Amazon. (revised Apr 2016)

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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

5.0 out of 5 stars
Bought a bundled Panasonic DMC-ZS25 point and shoot camera and it only had a very short USB connection cable. Found this on Panasonic support page for this camera and it stretches over 4 feet to reach any of my computers. Forgot to mention that cable is white not black as stated in description in case anyone cares what color it is. Works fine.
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