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  • 60ct Cascade Packs 14392 available on February 07 2017 from Newegg for 17.69
  • Cascade ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent, Fresh Scent, 60-Count Container available on November 07 2014 from Amazon for 13.10
  • UPC bar code 037000143925 ξ2 registered February 07 2017
  • UPC bar code 037000143925 ξ3 registered November 07 2014
  • UPC bar code 037000143925 ξ1 registered July 03 2012
  • Product category is Electronic Tablet
  • Manufacturered by Cascade
  • 14392
  • Cascade
  • # 9SIA7MA2N26651
  • # 635334

  • Product weight is 2.72 lbs.
  • 4x Concentrated to clean better vs. regular Cascade dishwasher powder and gel recommended usage * The one pac with the Real Liquid Grease-Fighting Top * Powered by Cascade dishwasher detergent with the grease fighting power of Dawn * Dishwasher detergent rinses away residue, leaves dishes sparkling and clean * Our Shine Shield formula provides excellent shine for your dishes and glasses

    ^ Procter and Gamble Cascade Action Pacs (revised Jul 2012)
    ^ 60ct Cascade Packs 14392, Procter & Gamble. Newegg. (revised Feb 2017)
    ^ Cascade ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent, Fresh Scent, 60-Count Container, Cascade. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

Cascade is the ONLY detergent I can use in my rural area due to hard water. Finish and all the other "hard tablet" types don't work at all - they leave a nasty film on my dishes. Even if add vinegar to the rinse, those items don't cut it. (I use vinegar in the rinse with Cascade too.)
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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

I'll be the first to tell you that I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to dishwasher detergents. The water in our home is so hard that practically nothing works. Our dishes always have caked on food, water spots, and leftover dishwasher detergent particles on them--gross! I always have to completely pre-scrub the dishes by hand which makes the dishwasher pretty much pointless to use. So when I read about the 24-hour challenge, I thought yeah right. I knew I was just setting myself up for disappointment.B..
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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

I use a GE dishwasher, and this was my first time using a detergent other than a liquid- or powder type.In terms of pricing, it does seem to even out vs. using a liquid type, so it's really not as expensive if you catch this on S&S or w/ a coupon.Now, I simply use this the same way I would use a liquid detergent; I put it in the detergent cup, lock it in, and voila!Some dishwashers may have problems using a tablet type, perhaps b/c the cup may not open properly due to the tablet size, and in that case you m..
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