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Xecuter JR Programmer V2 FREE Maximus SD Tool

EAN 0351601868323
REGISTERED: 10/22/20
UPDATED: 10/22/20
Xecuter JR Programmer V2   FREE Maximus SD Tool

Xecuter JR Programmer V2 FREE Maximus SD Tool

  • Xecuter JR Programmer V2 FREE Maximus SD Tool available on January 23 2016 from Amazon for 32.00
  • UPC bar code 351601868323 ξ1 registered January 23 2016
  • Product category is Video
  • Manufacturered by Team Xecuter
  • JRP_V2

Fast NAND Programming Upgradeable Imported NEW V2.0 Version with Full POST Monitoring and CR3 Pro Rater Support! Also includes speed enhancements (2-3 minutes faster than JRP v1 !) A third of the size of the TX NAND-X and optimized to run faster than any other USB-SPI based tool (Example Speeds: Others average 16M read 7m 20s, JRP v2 average 16M read 3mins), this nifty tool can fully read/write NAND over SPI, program CoolRunners or any Xilinx based RGH device over USB and also able to program onboard sounds using the TX SONUS 360 ! Complete with a CR JTAG cable so you simply plug 'n program without any soldering using the latest J-Runner App (needs to be at least Build 283). Also comes with NAND installation wires that have the connectors that are compatible with the NAND-X QSB boards. If you don't use the QSB's you can simply cut off the connectors and do a normal wires only install. - RED LED: Bootloader Mode (Switch to the left) - GREEN LED: J-R Programmer Mode (Switch to the right) - RED LED FLASHING: R/W Activity & POST Activity (Switch to the right) Features: - Fast NAND Programming - Fast XILINX CR JTAG Programming - Compatible with all CoolRunners inc the new CR3 Pro - Supports Full Post Monitoring - Compatible with both Phat and Slim - Onboard LED's indicate Power & Data - Easy Install System Compatible with All NAND-X QSB's - Includes KIOSK option for Remote On - Built-in Programmer For Future Firmware Upgrades - Designed for the latest J-Runner App (Build 283 ) - Rock Solid Design - Tested by the J-Runner Team - Supports New QSB V3 Kits (Solder Separately) - Supports Sonus 360 Programming High Quality & - Trusted TX Design Contents: - TX J-R Programmer V2 - Cable For QSB V3 Kit or Wires Install (QSB V3 Kits Sold Separately) - Cable For Xilinx CRJTAG - Cable for Xecuter Sonus 360 (Sonus 360 QSB Sold Separately - Trinity Kit or Corona Kit)

    ^ Xecuter JR Programmer V2 FREE Maximus SD Tool, Team Xecuter. Amazon. (revised Jan 2016)

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