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Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet (Royal Ballet) [VHS]

UPC 032031118331
REGISTERED: 05/20/18
UPDATED: 01/24/21
Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet (Royal Ballet) [VHS]
Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet (Royal Ballet) VHS

  • Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet (Royal Ballet) VHS available on February 01 2015 from Amazon for $5.99
  • UPC bar code 032031118331 ξ1 registered February 01 2015
  • Product category is Video
  • Manufacturered by Kultur Video

  • Product size is 0"x0"x0"
  • Product weight is 0 lbs.

    ^ (1991). Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet (Royal Ballet) [VHS], Kultur Video. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

Tonight I watched Romeo and Juliet again, this time with two of my granddaughters. I have seen it with my parents, with my wife and three children, and now with my grandchildren. I attended the movie in Washington, in Boston, and in Albany, NY many years ago. This version has become part of my life, as have its stars, Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn. Why I have not reviewed it before, I do not know.This Royal Ballet version of Romeo and Juliet is so fine, so spectacular, so moving, and so incrediblly b..
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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

Sometimes, first impressions are misleading. When I saw Fonteyn and Nureyev in Swan Lake, I was appalled by the weird ending, Nureyev's interjected solos, the reshuffling of Tchaikovsky's score, and the radical reworking of the Petipa/Ivanov choreography. I didn't see any of the famed Fonteyn/Nureyev chemistry.But don't make the same mistake I did. Avoid the muddled Swan Lake, and order their Romeo and Juliet today! It's Kenneth MacMillan's production, and the romantic score by Prokofiev is of course beauti..
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

First, it should be said that every time Fonteyn and Nureyev danced together, there was a chemistry that transcended the choreography. Even with Fonteyn at the close of her amazing career in this production, those qualities of interpretation and connection shine through. Nureyev's dancing is solid, but as with many MacMillan ballets, he spends much time as a display pedestal for his partner. However, when Fonteyn, especially, is on screen, it is impossible to tear your eyes away: she truly was one of the m..
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