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My Bloody Valentine 3d

UPC 031398109075
REGISTERED: 04/14/18
UPDATED: 04/07/20
My Bloody Valentine 3d

Newegg Synopsis: Ten years ago, a tragedy changed the town of Harmony forever

  • My Bloody Valentine 3d available on March 25 2016 from Newegg for 10.53
  • UPC bar code 031398109075 ξ1 registered February 05 2015
  • UPC bar code 031398109075 ξ2 registered March 25 2016
  • Product category is General

  • # 9SIA0ZX0TG9896

Tom Hanniger, an inexperienced coal miner, caused an accident in the tunnels that trapped and killed five men and sent the only survivor, Harry Warden, into a permanent coma. But Harry Warden wanted revenge. Exactly one year later, on Valentine's Day, he woke up...and brutally murdered twenty-two people with a pickaxe before being killed. Ten years later, Tom Hanniger returns to Harmony on Valentine's Day, still haunted by the deaths he caused. Struggling to make amends with his past, he grapples with unresolved feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, who is now married to his best friend, Axel, the town sheriff. But tonight, after years of peace, something from Harmony's dark past has returned. Wearing a miner's mask and armed with a pickaxe, an unstoppable killer is on the loose. And as his footsteps ...

    ^ My Bloody Valentine (DVD, 2009, 2D 3D Versions) (revised Oct 2017)
    ^ My Bloody Valentine 3d, Lions Gate Home Entertainment. Newegg. (revised Mar 2016)

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