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General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter, Pin Type, Digital LCD

UPC 031112659039
REGISTERED: 12/16/18
UPDATED: 03/08/21
General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter, Pin Type, Digital LCD
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General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter, Pin Type, Digital LCD

  • General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter, Pin Type, Digital LCD available on May 02 2016 from Amazon for 28.77
  • UPC bar code 031112659039 ξ1 registered November 18 2014
  • Product category is General
  • Manufacturered by General Tools
  • MMD4E
  • # 1405-2609
  • Product color is Grays

  • Product weight is 0.01 lbs.
Moisture meter features an easy-to-read LCD display for quick and easy viewing; ergonomic size fits in one hand Ideal for contractors and homeowners to measure moisture content in wood, concrete drywall and subflooring; essential water damage tool Moisture detector has a wide and precise measuring range; stick the stainless steel pins into the surface of what you are measuring in order to get a read-out Never buy water logged wood again; woodworking tool measures the moisture content of wood before buying Can be used as a water leak detector after flood damage, or general water damages Generalâ€TMs ultra-sensitive Digital Moisture Meter easily detects hidden leaks in wood, concrete, plaster and carpet. Providing accurate moisture level readings make this moisture meter great for new home inspections, locating roof leaks or even selecting dry lumber at the yard. Ideal to use in woodworking, building construction, agriculture restoration and floor-laying. Used to check wood, drywall and concrete before painting, sealing or treating and locate and identify water leaks in roofs, floors and walls. Features LED display, wide measuring range, strong stainless steel pins, audible alarms and battery status indication. Display will show the moisture content in “Percent Moisture Content” directly. Ergonomically designed and CE approved.

    ^ General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter, Pin Type, Digital LCD, General Tools. Amazon. (revised May 2016)

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   I was excited to receive this moisture meter, as I had a set of resawn walnut boards to check for uneven moisture content on the inside and outside faces. My excitement turned to mild concern when I started to read the instructions: "Press either button to active the sensor". OK, I can roll with that, I guess, although a later item, "Buzzer sounds when the reading changes every increasing digit" left me somewhat bemused. Funnily enough, the instructi..
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   We were getting hardwood floors installed - or so we thought - when the installers notified us that they could not do the installation because the wood in our house had acclimated to 6.4% moisture and our subfloors were at 12.8% moisture. The installer found a leak in our water softener line which we got fixed the next day. Unfortunately, we had no way of knowing (ourselves) when to call the installer back. Hence, we purchased this meter.As far as we..
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