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Rocky Gift Set [VHS]

UPC 027616571731
REGISTERED: 11/17/17
UPDATED: 10/14/19
Rocky Gift Set [VHS]
Rank: 13%
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Rocky Gift Set VHS

  • Rocky Gift Set VHS available on November 05 2014 from Amazon for 59.92
  • UPC bar code 027616571731 ξ1 registered November 05 2014
  • Product category is Video
  • Manufacturered by MGM (Video & DVD)

  • Product size is 0"x0"x0"
  • Product weight is 0 lbs.

    ^ (1996). Rocky Gift Set [VHS], MGM (Video & DVD). Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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Keep playing that immortal song. Heaven to my ears! Sylvester Stallone made himself a legend of a genius after writing all five "Rocky" works of art. "Rocky" was about a struggling boxer trying to earn a living, but his chance to fight the heavyweight champion of the world, Apollo Creed, became reality. He trained vigorously and fell in love with the shy Adrian! Yo Adrian! He yelled after fighting Creed. A tribute to the clumsy girl that nobody liked, touching! In "Rocky II", 'The Italian Stallion' Rocky Ba..
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Fans heed warning: If you're anything like me, you may have asked yourself, "Since this is an updated box set from the LAST box set, what are the new features?" Answer: NONE. No trailers, no deleted scenes, no outtakes, no featturets -- NOTHING. Only get this if you have a HD TV. If you're looking for ANYthing else, get the old box set. The old one was LOADED on the first film (though only had trailers on the rest). The only thing you get here are subtitles. I can't believe I sold my old set in anti..
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