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Rainbow Light Performance Energy Multivitamin for Men, Multivitamin Supplement Tablets, 180 tablets

Rainbow Light Performance Energy Multivitamin for Men, Multivitamin Supplement Tablets, 180 tablets

  • Rainbow Light Performance Energy Multivitamin For Men, Multivitamin Supplement Tablets, 180 Tablets available on April 30 2015 from Newegg for 43.87
  • Rainbow Light Performance Energy Multivitamin for Men, Multivitamin Supplement Tablets, 180 tablets available on April 22 2015 from Amazon for 20.00
  • UPC bar code 021888106950 ξ1 registered August 23 2019
  • UPC bar code 021888106950 ξ2 registered February 06 2015
  • UPC bar code 021888106950 ξ3 registered April 22 2015
  • Product category is Electronic Tablet
  • Manufacturered by Rainbow Light
  • 10695
  • # 9SIA0TR08C4732

  • Product weight is 0.66 lbs.
Food-based Organic spirulina, L-arginine and 1,205mg proprietary herbal blend Therapeutic potencies; 100mg choline, high potency B-complex support energy and stress-resistence while 1000 IU Vitamin D supports heart, bone and cardiovascular health Complete digestive support: with 100 IU Probiotics, plant-sourced enzymes and ginkgo Purity Guaranteed; free of gluten, yeast, sugar, and dairy/lactose 100% Natural- free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and other objectionable additives Food-based, precision nutrition to support mens physical and sexual energy, including a broad spectrum of essential nutrients for men's specific needs, and invigorating herbs such as eleuthero, to increase stamina, vitality and endurance,plus superfoods, amino acids and octocosanol for stimulant-free natural fuel. Performance Energy for Men provides targeted nutrients to support men's specific daily health requirements and promote physical and sexual energy. This food-based, iron-free formula supplies natural fuel for daily life. Invigorating herbs and energizing foods help build and maintain endurance. Plant-sourced enzymes and probiotics (healthy bacteria) promote easy digestion without stomach upset. Performance Energy for Men can boost overall health and well-being so you feel your best.callout top with logo Performance Energy for Men Multivitamin At a Glance: Customized nutrition for men supports physical and sexual energy and enduranceWith Saw palmetto, eleuthero, ginseng, ginko, and amino acid L-argininePotent B-complex formula for energy, brain health, and stress managementSuperfoods and herbs for physical and sexual energyPlant-sourced enzymes and probiotics for digestion without stomach upsetFree of wheat, gluten, sugar, lactose, dairy, yeast, and iron Performance Energy for Men Multivitamin (180 Tablets) Product Shot View larger Performance Energy for Men Multivitamin Supplement Facts View larger Targeted Nutrition and Energy for MenPerformance Energy for Men delivers essential nutrition customized to meet men's daily health needs. Antioxidants, including 5,000 IU of vitamin A, 250 milligrams of vitamin C, 30 IU of vitamin E, and 200 micrograms of selenium, promote skin, eye, immune, and reproductive health and metabolism. A potent vitamin B-complex promotes energy and brain health, and stress management. In addition 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 promotes colon and cardiovascular health and calcium absorption for strong bones and teeth, and 3 milligrams of manganese provides extra bone support. Finally, 500 milligrams of the amino acid L-Arginine and 15 milligrams of zinc support prostate and immune system health and promote improved circulation for heart and sexual function. Superfoods and Herbs Support Physical and Sexual EnergyIn additional to these vital nutrients, Performance Energy for Men contains a potent blend of foods and herbs for added nutrition and natural physical and sexual energy. The 100 milligrams of organic spirulina plus 1,205 milligrams of Invigorating Herbal Blend--including Asian and American ginseng, muira puama, eleuthero, and saw palmetto extracts--support increased vitality and endurance and healthy sexual energy. Guaranteed NaturalPerformance Energy for Men is guaranteed to be 100 percent natural and free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and other additives often found in vitamin products. It also contains no sugar, wheat, gluten, yeast, lactose/dairy, or iron. Suggested UseFor best results, take two to four tablets daily with or between meals.EcoGuard BottleThis supplement comes in a 100 percent recycled and recyclable, BPA-free EcoGuard bottle, reducing packaging carbon footprint by 92 percent. About Rainbow Light: Building a Stronger State of HealthRainbow Light was founded in 1981 in Santa Cruz, CA. Their mission is to be the performance leader in building a stronger state of health for their customers, the global community, and the planet. Rainbow Light's innovative formulas all begin with a base of nutritious, whole foods and are formulated to deliver research-proven ingredients in optimal potencies and combinations for best absorption, utility, and effectiveness. From the beginning, Rainbow Light has partnered with Vitamin Angels to fight global malnutrition, providing over 24 million life-saving prenatal and children's multivitamins to women and children in need worldwide since 1996. Rainbow Light also has a long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship and is the first and only supplement brand to offer 100 percent post-consumer recycled, BPA-free EcoGuard bottles that are also 100 percent recyclable. What's in the BoxPerformance Energy for Men Multivitamin (180 Tablets).

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I've been taking these multivitamins for about 3 weeks now. 3-6 tablets a day was a little much, since I was used to taking one a days, but I got used to it. They're not hard to swallow at all. At least it makes you drink more water. When the label says the multivitamins are for physical and sexual energy, they weren't kidding. I usually get tired and want to nap mid afternoon, but after taking these multivitamins, my energy level stays up. I don't feel the need to nap or rest during the day. Sexual energy ..
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