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Scotch(TM) Thermal Laminator TL901, TL-901 15.5 in x 6.75 in x 3.75 in

Scotch Thermal Laminator- Brand: 3M Type: Cutting Tools

  • Scotch Thermal Laminator- available on September 08 2016 from Newegg for 37.9
  • Scotch(TM) Thermal Laminator TL901, TL-901 15.5 in x 6.75 in x 3.75 in available on May 04 2015 from Amazon for 43.63
  • UPC bar code 021200468636 ξ2 registered July 29 2021
  • UPC bar code 021200468636 ξ3 registered November 18 2015
  • UPC bar code 021200468636 ξ1 registered May 28 2012
  • UPC bar code 021200468636 ξ4 registered November 11 2014
  • Product category is Laminators Electronic Card
  • Manufacturered by 3M
  • TL902MIR
  • TL901
  • # 9SIA6ZP3KT0086

  • Product size is 6.75"x15.5"x3.75"
  • Product weight is 4.1 lbs.
Laminating helps protect documents from damage while also keeping them clean. This thermal laminator provides professional quality results and can be used with laminating pouches up to 9 inches wide. Features include two heat settings; a built-in loading tray; a jam release lever; and built-in cord storage. Overall measurements of the machine are 15x4x4 inches. This package contains one thermal laminating machine; two 8-1/2x11 laminating pouches; and instructions. UL listed. Imported.

    ^ (2012). Scotch Thermal Laminator Vg, 3m. (revised Nov 2015)
    ^ Scotch Tl901C Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (revised Sep 2021)
    ^ Scotch Thermal Laminator-, 3M. Newegg. (revised Sep 2016)
    ^ Scotch(TM) Thermal Laminator TL901, TL-901 15.5 in x 6.75 in x 3.75 in, 3m. Amazon. (revised May 2015)

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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

This is a great little laminator, and I've used it even more than expected. But during a momentary lapse of reason, I tried to use a partial pouch - one that was not sealed on the bottom. They tell you not to do it, but I did anyway. Everything disappeared into the machine, and didn't come back out. It didn't look like I could open it up without destroying it, so I called their 800 number. They were so nice, and they sent me a mailing label to ship it back for free. They said that if they could fix it, they..
( )
Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

I purchased this laminating machine in a store, but wanted to give a definite positive review! I have had this machine running since I got it, and just love it! It's simple to use, works wonderfully and doesnt' take up a ton of space. I have a special needs toddler, who uses picture cards to communicate her needs, and this has made over 100 PECS cards for her book, and now she's even taking them to Pre-k to use them as well! Wonderful machine that is making my little one's life so much better! I am also h..
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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

I've been using a small card size thermal laminator to make cards, bookmarks and jewelry with for a few years now. A friend of mine gave me this one for my birthday as an upgrade.I love it. It takes about 10 minutes to be ready and has an indicator light to show it's hot enough. A double roller system sends your document through the laminator smoothly at the right speed.It's built for 3mm and 5mm lamination pouches which is fine for home and home office use.If you do get a jam, the unit has a release button..
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