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Plantronics Voyager Edge Wireless and Hands-Free Bluetooth Headset - Compatible with iPhone, Android, and Other Leading Smartphones - Glacial White

Plantronics 201030-01 Voyager Edge Bluetooth Headset with Charging Case - White

  • Plantronics 201030-01 Voyager Edge Bluetooth Headset with Charging Case - White available on December 31 2017 from Amazon for 95.60
  • Plantronics Voyager Edge Glacial White Mono Bluetooth Headset available on March 01 2017 from FactoryOutletStore for 129.99
  • Plantronics 201020-01 Glacial White Voyager Edge Mobile Bluetooth Headset available on September 07 2015 from Newegg for 129.99
  • UPC bar code 017229144118 ξ1 registered November 12 2015
  • UPC bar code 017229144118 ξ2 registered January 29 2015
  • UPC bar code 017229144118 ξ3 registered September 07 2015
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Plantronics
  • Voyager Edge, White
  • Voyager Edge Glacial White
  • 201020-01
  • # 84630-1
  • # 9SIA36Z2YZ1793
  • Product color is White

  • Product weight is 0.02 lbs.
BLUETOOTH 4.0 HEADSET: Signature Plantronics audio technology coupled with enhanced voice clarity through Bluetooth 4.0 and wideband audio support. SMART SENSOR TECHNOLOGY: Our technology senses when the headset is being worn so it can automatically answer calls as you place the headset on your ear or redirect audio to your phone when you set down your headset. VOICE RECOGNITION: Manage calls hands free without pressing buttons through Plantronics voice recognition technology, just say Answer or Ignore. FIND MYHEADSET: The app will locate your headset through your iPhone, iPad, Android, or other smart device by sending a tone so you can hear where it is hiding. COMFORTABLE HEADSET: Three optional eartips; small, medium, and large, for the most comfortable fit in either ear. Smart and powerful, the Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth headset is designed for your non‐stop life. The slim, lightweight design fits quickly and comfortably in your ear, signature Plantronics audio technology eliminates disruptive background noise, responsive features keep you moving, and the portable charging case keeps Voyager Edge ready when you are. Sound Your Best, Wherever You Are Your non-stop life keeps you on the move. You answer a call in the car, keep talking out on the street, and say your goodbyes while leaving the coffee shop—and you expect to sound your best everywhere. The Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth headset reliably eliminates unwanted noise with three precisely tuned microphones and enhanced noise canceling, optimizing your voice so your caller hears you, not your surroundings. Additionally, this headset is ready for wideband audio, making it compatible with smartphones enabled for HD Voice. voyageredge-white-duoThe Voyager Edge in white (view larger). Carry the Conversation, Not the Phone Voyager Edge packs in responsive features to let you answer calls, use voice commands, and hear important status notifications without even looking at your phone. Smart sensor technology senses when the headset is being worn so it can automatically answer calls as you place the headset on your ear or redirect audio to your phone when you set down your headset. Voyager Edge syncs to your contacts, telling you who's calling before you answer and voice commands make call management easy—simply say "Answer" to take the call, or "Ignore" to send it to voicemail. Now your "phone hand" can carry a latte, greet someone, or open a door. voyageredge-lifestylePerformance and power to keep your conversation going (view larger). Stay Connected Longer Be ready when life calls. Using the portable, wireless charging case to top up your Voyager Edge between calls will keep you powered throughout your day by giving you up to 10 additional hours of talk time. Status alerts announce when it's time to recharge, but if at any time you're curious, use a voice command to hear remaining talk time, visually check battery status on your smartphone, or dock your Voyager Edge in its case and tap the touch-sensitive icons to see the meter LEDs light up. voyageredge-white-casesideFully charged case gives your Voyager Edge up to 16 hours of talk time (view larger). Enhanced by Free Plantronics Apps Simplify your communication experience with a variety of free apps from Plantronics for both iOS and Android devices. Use the free Plantronics Hub ™ app to explore features, change settings, check the connection, battery and smart sensor status, and even help you locate your lost headset. If you misplace your Voyager Edge, use the Find MyHeadset feature to send an audible tone to help you locate it nearby, or if it's out of Bluetooth range or powered off, you can use the Backtrack activity log to map where it was last in use. The Find MyHeadset feature is part of the Plantronics Hub app for iOS but remains a standalone app for Android. To help you sort through your busy workday, the Plantronics InstantMeeting app automatically identifies conference calls and dialing details from your calendar, reminds you just before the meeting is scheduled to begin, and with one touch connects you to your conference call—no need to pull over and toggle between screens to find all those numbers and access codes. What's in the Box Voyager Edge headset, charging case with rechargeable battery, car charger and micro USB cable, silicone eartips (S, M, L), clip-on earloop, quick start guide logo Voyager Edge Bluetooth Wireless Headset At a Glance Signature Plantronics audio technology eliminates disruptive background noise Charging case enables up to 16 hours talk time (up to 6 hours without case) Responsive sensors automatically answer calls as you place headset on your ear Take calls without pressing a button—hear Caller ID then say "Answer" Tap and pair with NFC-enabled smartphones Choose the language for voice alerts and commands Stream music, directions, and more from smartphones or tablets Connect two devices and answer calls from whichever one rings Enhanced voice clarity from Bluetooth 4.0 with wideband audio support for use with HD Voice-enabled smartphones Update firmware and personalize settings online using the Plantronics MyHeadset Updater tool at voyageredge-white-sideheadsetDesigned for your non-stop life(view larger).

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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

I have bought one of these for all of my employees. It has great battery life, is light weight and comfortable to wear (with modifications - see below) but MOST importantly, the other party can't tell I'm even on a headset. It's that good.The Mod: I did not like the pressure inside of my ear. I don't mind something going around my ear so I install the clip-on ear hook that comes with it. Then, I modify the soft silicon ear bud slip-on by removing the "loop"..
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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

UPDATE: 6/23/16You can go through the comments to this post and see more information. There are some good discussion points there. I just want to update readers that my original EDGE purchased about two years ago finally stopped working properly. People on the other line said that I sounded great one moment and like I was in a hole or distant the next. I tried resetting the headset (un-pair, power off phone/headset, power on, re-pair), but it didn't help. I had ordered an..
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Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

I purchased this from Plantronics directly. couldn't wait)Graveyard of headsets. You name it, it's there. Always seeking the best headset due to my 4 hrs on calls.The New Voyager Legend was the closest all around quality headset but wearing glasses the behind the ear was irksome. Once in a blue I'd hear communication wasn't that great. But that was seldom.The EDGE!! Folks it's the best headset I've ever used after weeks in the office, and long drive home. (The Bose is the rich..
( )
Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

I'm on conference calls quite a bit throughout the day and have used a wired headset at my desk (cheap, great sound quality, but ties you down) and the old LG HBS-700 most other times. The LG had done a fine job, it just becomes cumbersome sometimes and I wanted something smaller. I did my research and knew that the Plantronics EDGE and the Jawbone ERA were the two new kids on the block, so I bought both and did a side-by-side. I would try one for a couple of days and then the..
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