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Nyko Intercooler STS for Xbox 360

EAN 0151903089002
REGISTERED: 09/07/18
UPDATED: 07/19/19
Nyko Intercooler STS for Xbox 360
Nyko Intercooler STS for Xbox 360

  • Nyko Intercooler STS for Xbox 360 available on July 19 2019 from Amazon for 19.99
  • UPC bar code 151903089002 ξ1 registered June 25 2014
  • Product category is Software Xbox
  • Manufacturered by Nyko
  • 86079

  • Product weight is 0.22 lbs.
  • Increases air flow throughout the 360 providing an optimal console environment * TempSmart Technology automatically controls Intercooler operation * USB powered: no AC Adaptors or batteries needed * Snap-on installation means no tools or other modification are required * Can be used with the Xbox 360 in either vertical or horizontal position Utilize Nyko’s cutting edge TempSmart technology to keep your Xbox 360 S console running at optimal environmental conditions with the Intercooler STS. The Intercooler STS’ brand new design provides increased air flow away from the 360 which allows the console to perform in a cooler, better ventilated environment, ideal for cramped entrainment centers. No internal modification of the Xbox 360 is required. Nyko’s TempSmart technology automatically powers on the Intercooler’s fans when needed, and continue to cool the console even after the system has been powered down till a proper ambient temperature has been reached. The Intercooler TS is powered by a sleek USB cord that easily plugs into the back of the Xbox 360 S console. The design of the Intercooler STS blends seamless with the design of the Xbox 360 S console, and works in both the horizontal and vertical position.

    ^ Nyko Intercooler STS for Xbox 360, Nyko. Amazon. (revised Jul 2019)

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