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The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion Pack - Mac Win

  • Electronic Arts 19690 The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion Pack - Mac Win available on July 04 2017 from PCMall for 22.99
  • Electronic Arts 19690 The Sims 3 Showtime Pc available on August 25 2016 from Newegg for 37.47
  • The Sims 3: Showtime - PC/Mac available on April 10 2016 from Amazon for 8.19
  • UPC bar code 014633196900 ξ2 registered July 04 2017
  • UPC bar code 014633196900 ξ1 registered January 05 2016
  • UPC bar code 014633196900 ξ3 registered August 25 2016
  • UPC bar code 014633196900 ξ4 registered November 07 2014
  • Product category is Software Game
  • Manufacturered by Electronic Arts
  • 19690
  • 9SIA0FU0B33363
  • 16969
  • # 13055588
  • Product color is One Color

  • Product weight is 0.77 lbs.
Your Sims can live the dream as Singers, Performers, Magicians, and DJs. Watch them rise to fame - or go down in flames as they perform for other Sims. All-new social features: chat with friends, post to their walls, give status updates, and create friends lists. Send your Sims to a friend's game and have your friend's Sim come to your game! Create your own venue! Build a swanky concert hall, a massive stadium, or an indie club. How the stage is built will influence your Sims' performance and career progression. Live the rags to riches story with your Sims while being connected to your friends! Experience the rise to stardom as your Sim performs on stage from one venue to the next. And for the first time, The Sims 3 Showtime introduces social features, including Passport, an all-new feature that lets you send your Sims to a friend's game! There, your Sim can perform at your friend's venue in front of your friend's Sims! You will also be able to chat with friends and post messages and screenshots on your friends' walls. Your Sims eat, sleep, live and love in the world you've created for them in The Sims 3. It's a great place to live, and they've got ordinary lives, just like the real world. But you don't want your Sims to be just ordinary. It's time to spice things up a little. This Expansion Pack lets you give your Sims the chance to chase down — and catch — their dreams of riches and fame. Enter a whole new world where your Sims can groom their hidden talents to become all-star singers, acrobats, magicians and DJs. Will they rise to fame and enjoy a lasting career? Will your Sims get rich quick and fizzle out? Or, will they crash and burn before they even get a chance to strike gold? There's only one way to find out. Sims 3 Showtime Rise to Stardom Rise to Stardom Customize your stages Customize your stages Become a popular DJ Become a popular DJ Synopsis Your Sims were born to be stars - let them live out the rags-to-riches story with The Sims 3: Showtime Expansion Pack, where they'll get the chance to perform as singers, magicians, acrobats or DJs for other Sims. Nourish your Sims' talents in the all-new world of Starlight Shores, where they'll find new venues and objects that can help get them ready for Showtime. Make brand-new Sims with new tools using traits and Lifetime Wishes. Once your Sim is ready for the spotlight, build customized stages for just the right look - then sit back and see how the crowd likes the show as your Sim performs in sold-out arenas - construction will dictate how well your Sim performs and how his or her career progresses. Receive access to an exclusive bonus venue and stage with this Limited Edition. With the innovative SimPort feature, you can send your talent-groomed Sim to a friend's game to perform gigs in his or her town, go on tour and even get reviewed. Search for new friends, stay connected, post stories of your Sims' successes, share strategies and techniques and more with the in-game news feeds and live updates. Your Sims have the desire and the talent. Will it be enough to earn them a spot among the stars? Sit back and relax - it's Showtime. Key Features: Watch your Sims rise to stardom, revel in the limelight or crash and burn as they perform as singers, acrobats, magicians or DJs for other Sims (requires The Sims 3 to play, not included) Explore a brand-new world, Starlight Shores, where you'll find new venues and new objects to sharpen your Sims' talents Create new Sims using more tools with new traits and Lifetime Wishes Construct your own custom stages, from a swanky concert hall to a massive stadium or an indie club to create the perfect show, and then watch your Sims perform in front of packed crowds in sold-out arenas Send your all-star Sim to a friend's game to perform in his or her world, book gig's in your friend's town, go on tour and even get reviewed using the all-new SimPort feature Tap into the in-game news feeds and live updates to search for and make new friends, stay connected, spread stories of your Sims' successes, share gameplay techniques, create wish lists and more Complete special challenges and accomplish certain goals to earn rewards, and track and share them via in-game social wall posts

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I have to say, I was really excited for this expansion pack (regardless of some of the lackluster packs we've been getting lately). It brought me back to the original Sims: Superstar, one of my favorite original packs. And the Sims 3 has had some good packs out so far (Pets, Ambitions, World Adventures) in my opinion! But Showtime doesn't really cut it.The new town is nice. I like it. The new premade houses are nice and actually kind of spacious instead of being awkwardly shap..
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