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The Lost Continent/the Reptile 2-pack

UPC 013131268294
REGISTERED: 11/04/17
UPDATED: 08/03/21
The Lost Continent/the Reptile 2-pack
Synopsis: THE LOST CONTINENT The nightmare begins when Captain Lansen (Eric Porter) attempts to transport illegal explosives and a motley group of passengers on a rusty tramp steamer that becomes stranded in the vast floating swamp of the mysterious Sargasso Sea

  • The Lost Continent/the Reptile 2-pack available on August 03 2021 from Indigo for 29.95
    • UPC bar code 013131268294 ξ1 registered July 12 2015
    • Product category is General

    • # 1313126829

    Under cover of night, the terrified travelers encounter unspeakable monsters, man- eating seaweed, vicious mutant pirates and stupendously endowed women. The Lost Continent includes eight minutes of never-before-seen footage which was cut by the film's original distributor because of its adult nature. Using a recently discovered 35mm IB Technicolor print found buried in Hammer's vault, the film has been fully restored to its original, uncensored version. THE LOST CONTINENT contains a Theatrical Trailer, TV Spots, and the World of Hammer episode entitled LANDS BEFORE TIME THE REPTILE Years ago, Dr. Franklyn (Noel William) antagonized a cult of snake worshippers who retaliated by performing a series of secret rituals on his daughter Anna (Jaqueline Pearce), transforming her into a reptile. Charles Spalding (David Baron) is the first of Anna's victims when he is invited to the Franklyn manor and attacked by the horrible creature - part woman, part reptile. What follows is a horrible string of events that terrorizes a village and leaves a young innocent couple grasping for the truth. Set in England's Cornwall district (although shot at Bray Studios near London), The Reptile combines a mystery plot recalling Bram Stoker's Lair of the White Worm, moments of sudden horror and an elegant title creature devised by Hammer's makeup ace Roy Ashton. THE REPTILE contains a Theatrical Trailer, TV Spots, and the World of Hammer episode entitled VAMP. This Hammer Double Feature contains both of these films on two separate DVDs and will only be available for a limited time.

      ^ The Lost Continent/the Reptile 2-pack Indigo. (revised Aug 2021)

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