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HomeRight C800880 SteamMachine Steamer for Steam Cleaning and Wallpaper Removal

type: automotive-cleaning-products

  • Homeright C800880.m Steammachine available on March 28 2016 from Newegg for 107.87
  • HomeRight C800880 SteamMachine Steamer for Steam Cleaning and Wallpaper Removal available on April 22 2015 from Amazon for 88.59
  • UPC bar code 012564008804 ξ1 registered March 28 2016
  • UPC bar code 012564008804 ξ2 registered April 22 2015
  • Product category is Home
  • Manufacturered by Homeright
  • C800880.M
  • # 9SIA02V0YY4968

  • Product weight is 8 lbs.
Steam Machine provides continuous steam to aid in removing wallpaper quickly and easily Great Cleaning tool - simply fill with water and start cleaning and sanitizing Both a natural and green solution to household cleaning and sanitizing Offers professional steam power to steam away the toughest household dirt and grime 8-Feet hose with 6 attachments Harness the power of steam to conquer a variety of tough household chores. The 120 volt Home Right Steam Machine has the attachments needed to soften wallpaper for easy removal, or clean and sanitize those tough-to-clean areas like showers, ovens, stovetops, sinks, and barbeque grills. The concentrated blast of the steam loosens even the most stubborn stains. Just fill the reservoir with distilled water, and within minutes it will be ready to use. The locking pistol grip handle at the end of the 8-Feet hose releases steam at over 200 Degrees Fahrenheit. Steam can be directed through any one of the six attachments that come standard with the Steam Machine: wallpaper steam plate, floor steam mop with cleaning cloth, brass brush, nylon brush, jet nozzle, or squeegee. In addition, every Steam Machine comes with extension tubes to increase your reach, a measuring cup and funnel, and two adapter that hold the attachments. The two built-in wheels make it easy to move as needed. The Steam Machine holds up to 40 fluid ounces of water and delivers steam for as much as 45 minutes. Pressurized safety cap protects the user from injury.

    ^ Homeright C800880.m Steammachine, Homeright. Newegg. (revised Mar 2016)
    ^ HomeRight C800880 SteamMachine Steamer for Steam Cleaning and Wallpaper Removal, Homeright. Amazon. (revised Apr 2015)

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