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Avid Home Ent
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Escape From Sobibor VHS

  • Avid Home Ent available on February 01 2015 from Amazon for $1.65
  • UPC bar code 012235126936 ξ3 registered February 01 2015
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During WWII, Sobibor was a notorious Nazi death camp. This gripping, fact-based drama chronicles the courage of an inmate who managed the largest escape from such a place. Thanks to him, over 300 prisoners were freed. --Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

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    ^ (1995). Avid Home Ent, Avid Home Ent. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

"Escape from Sobibor" is a grim turn inspirational film about the prisoners who, after careful planning, managed to escape from Sobibor. 300 died during the escape whereas the other 300 managed to live during and after the escape. The actors, especially Alan Arkin, Rutger Hauer, and Hartmut Becker, gave memorable & magnificant performances. Becker was telling & excellent in portraying one of the chief SS men in charge of the camp, sargeant Wagner. The actresses, especially Joanna Pacula, also played..
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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

I'm very glad this amazing piece of work is finally on dvd. Scape of subibor focus in the only successful concentartion camp uprising of WWII and the holocaust. Functioning as one of the three (sobibor, belzec and treblinka) Operation Rainhard extermination camps during the first half of the war, the camp's main responsability was to eliminate as many "non-desireble" people as possible and was one of the first camps that incorporated the infamous gas chambers as a method of systematic dispousal.I won't revi..
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This is a great story- about triumph under the most extreme of circumstances. Its based on actual accounts of witnesses and has the tension and drama only a true story could provide. The problem is that the 4x3 dvd transfer is so bad it looks like a nearsighted and or drunk technician took a wonderful movie and smeared it onto a dvd in a fit of stupor. Please- see the movie on tv-but dont even think about buying this dvd unless you have a 5 inch tv.
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