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  • Songbook available on December 05 2020 from Amazon for 10.04
  • Allen Toussaint - Songbook (Music CD) available on May 04 2017 from Base for 11.89
  • UPC bar code 011661914421 ξ1 registered November 25 2013
  • UPC bar code 011661914421 ξ2 registered May 04 2017
  • Product category is MUSIC CD - CD - Classical Audio
  • Manufacturered by Rounder

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New Orleans musicians laid the cornerstone for a large swath of American music, and Allen Toussaint is among the city s most gifted players. As a composer, arranger, producer, pianist and singer, Allen has created an enduring body of work that includes local hits by Irma Thomas and Lee Dorsey; songs covered by Glen Campbell, the Rolling Stones and Robert Plant & Alison Krauss; national hits by Ernie K-Doe and LaBelle; and collaborations with Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello, all in addition to his own recording career. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, and was awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Obama in July, 2013.Songbook presents Allen Toussaint as many of his fans have longed to hear him, in an intimate solo setting, performing many of his best-loved songs. His piano playing is a marvel, with its orchestral conception and effortless New Orleans syncopation. But what comes across most strongly is the warmth of Allen s performance. The gentle Creole lilt in his voice brings a resonance and a smile to his songs, rivaling the versions he produced for others.

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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

Put Allen in a room...with a intimate audience, have him sing his favorites from 40 years of songwriting - throw in a story or two, and it adds up to a great hour.Stripped down genius - guaranteed to hold your attention. Just a man and his piano.My only irritation is that I didn't buy the deluxe edition, as it just seems the CD ended too early
( )
Bluestar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar seems like something like this would have been done already, right? I mean, the idea is simple: Plop Allen Toussaint down at a piano in front of a lively but appreciative audience and let him loose. The result is positively charming for the casual listener, an invaluable history lesson for the neophyte, and an absolute master class in New Orleans R&B for the dedicated.Do we really need to go into the backstory? Toussaint is a titan of New Orleans soul/R&B, writing, producing, and arranging a seemingly..
( )
Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

I have only watched the DVD at this point but what I saw is terrific. I believe the CD adds 4 additional songs. My wife and I saw Mr. Toussaint at Joe's Pub a number of years ago and we loved it. However, he was not doing the additional narration to Southern Nights that he does on the DVD. That alone is worth the price of admission. The narration explains how the song came about and what was important to him growing up. We were riveted during that segment. The music is timeless and his piano playing is a jo..
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