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OUT! One-Handed Dog Poop Scoop

UPC 010279705582
REGISTERED: 12/07/17
UPDATED: 07/03/20
Rank: 52%
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OUT! One-Handed Dog Poop Scoop

  • OUT! One-Handed Dog Poop Scoop available on January 31 2015 from Amazon for $14.50
  • UPC bar code 010279705582 ξ1 registered January 31 2015
  • Product category is Pet Dog
  • Manufacturered by OUT! International
  • 70558
  • # MVA-009
  • Product color is black

  • Product weight is 0.93 lbs.
  • Spring action scooper with easy squeeze handle * Handle extends up to 24 inches * Reduces bending and stooping * Collapses for easy storage * Works great on all surfaces

    ^ OUT! One-Handed Dog Poop Scoop, OUT! International. Amazon. (revised Jan 2015)

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I hurt my knee and have problems bending over to pick up my dog's poopy. This little item is so useful. It picks everything up the first time. I wrap a grocery bag around it so everything goes in there and there is no mess.
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Works great and is used often -- Wife likes it very much since she is chief dog walker and has a bad back that limits her ability to bend over.
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I ordered this scoop because of the price, and a funny review I found online. I thought it was worth a try. I use it mostly in grass and gravel. It works well; the scoop closes properly, and picks the things witout making a mess. It looks well built and durable if you treat it with care.My dogs are two one year boxers.There is not really that much I can say about a poop scoop... It gets the job done quick and clean. I might be ordering another one in case anything happens to the firt one.
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