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Palmers Cocoa Butter Nursing Cream 1.1 oz

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Nursing Butter Type: Other Gender: Boys Girls

  • Palmer's Cocoa Butter Nursing Butter available on February 24 2017 from Newegg for 3.99
  • Palmers Cocoa Butter Nursing Cream 1.1 oz. available on June 19 2016 from Amazon for 2.86
  • UPC bar code 010181040375 ξ1 registered June 17 2015
  • UPC bar code 010181040375 ξ2 registered September 03 2015
  • Product category is Grocery
  • Manufacturered by Palmers
  • 0393C31E
  • 3489
  • # 9SIA3G617F6098

  • Product weight is 0.11 lbs.
Quality you can trust from Palmer's Great Value! Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula is an easy to apply combination of pure Cocoa Butter and Pro Vitamin B5 in a soothing, emollient base that helps relieve sore, cracked nipples associated with breastfeeding. Package contains one 1.1 OZ tube. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula may also be used to condition nipples prior to breastfeeding and does not need to be washed off prior to breastfeeding.

    ^ Palmer's Cocoa Butter Nursing Butter, E.T. Browne Drug. Newegg. (revised Feb 2017)
    ^ Palmers Cocoa Butter Nursing Cream 1.1 oz., Palmers. Amazon. (revised Jun 2016)

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I have two children and breastfed the first until he was 13 months old. I only experienced difficulty with nursing the first in the first 3-4 weeks where my nipples were constantly chapped and it was extremely painful to nurse him. Normal, I'm told.When the second child was 3 months old, I noticed that the pain from beginning breastfeeding again was extremely painful, except that this time it only affected one nipple. I was allowing the one side that was affected to air dry an..
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