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Empire Total War: Special Forces Edition

UPC 010086852356
REGISTERED: 04/30/18
UPDATED: 07/02/20
Empire Total War: Special Forces Edition
Empire Total War: Special Forces Edition

  • Empire Total War: Special Forces Edition available on November 15 2014 from Amazon for 29.99
  • UPC bar code 010086852356 ξ1 registered November 15 2014
  • Product category is Art
  • Manufacturered by Sega of America - PC games
  • 85235

The core Empire: Total War game. The Creative Assembly introduces high seas battles to the award winning, multi-million unit selling Total War series in this action-packed epic set in the 18th Century. Special Forces Edition includes six additional Special Forces units include: HMS Victory, Rogers' Rangers, Ottoman Organ Gun, Ghoorkas, CorsoTerrestre Guerillas, Bulkeley's Regiment . Also includes an Intricate Campaign Map. Only in the Special Forces edition, players will receive a fold-out Campaign Map that they can use in the single-player campaign to help them strategize their world take-over. Includes The History Channel Revolution DVD. The award winning series tells of a remarkable group who transformed themselves into architects of the future and built a new nation unlike any that had come before Includes The Art of Empire: Total War art book. Complete with concept art, fans will love this behind-the-scenes look at the vision of Empire: Total War. In this expanded edition of Empire: Total War, players will conquer the globe with the elite skills of six exclusive units – the Special Forces. Whether battling on the high seas from the deck of the Royal Navy’s most heavily armed ship, the HMS Victory, or combating enemies in the field with the Ottoman Organ Gun, these six elite units give players all-new ways to conquer and command by land and sea in Empire: Total War. Empire: Total War (Special Forces Edition) by Sega features grand turn-based campaign map and rich historical flavor while introducing for the first time 3D naval combat. Set in the 18th century, an era filled with global conflict, revolutionary fever and technological advances. Empire: Total War features the debut of 3D naval combat; you will be able to command vast fleets or single ships upon seascapes with extraordinary water and weather effects that play a huge role in your success or defeat. Use your cannons on enemies, and close in to grapple their ship and prepare to board and fight hand-to-hand on the decks.

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Synopsis Prepare to wage war on your enemies, relying on the firepower of six powerful Special Forces units. In Empire: Total War Special Forces Edition, you'll travel back to the 18th century, an era of relentless territorial expansion and near-perpetual war. The Age of Imperialism reigns, and around the world the seas are filled with ships belonging to the superpowers of the day. This ambition, however, inevitably leads to conflict. Take to the high seas for extraordinary 3D naval combat as you prove you have the daring and determination it takes to conquer the globe. Key Game Features: Draw on the fierce power of six additional Special Forces units: the HMS Victory, Rogers' Rangers, the Ottoman organ gun, Ghoorkas, the Corso Terrestre Guerrillas and Bulkeley's Regiment Explore empire-building in greater depth with bonus materials, such as a fold-out single-player campaign map, the History Channel's The Revolution on DVD and The Art of Empire: Total War art book Dominate the sea, command an army and strive to conquer the globe as you go to battle in the 18th-century Age of Imperialism Take command of a single ship or a vast fleet, all with fully destructible sails, and engage in real-time 3D naval warfare Savor the stunning power and majesty of real-time seascapes, dynamic weather and an advanced landscape and flora system, courtesy of the DX10 graphics engine Engage in cannon and musket warfare as well as brutal hand-to-hand combat Fight in locations around the globe, including India, Europe and America Gain access to advanced features gradually in a tense, episodic campaign See how you match up against other players in the rankings, and join leagues and ladders for additional challenges For 1 to 8 players The Next Installment of the Total War Franchise Take command of single ships or vast fleets for exhilarating real-time naval warfare. Pound your enemies with the power of your mighty cannons, then board enemy ships and engage in exciting hand-to-hand combat. Battle both enemies and the elements as the new DX10 graphics engine renders seascapes and dynamic weather to stunning effect. Experience war on a global scale with any of more than 30 in-game factions encompassing an array of major world powers, including the United States, then take the fight online to battle with far-off friends in a variety of new multiplayer modes. This expanded Special Forces Edition provides you with access to the elite skills of six exclusive Special Forces units, including Lord Nelson's 104-gun flagship, the HMS Victory; the highly trained elite light infantry unit Rogers' Rangers; the Ottoman organ gun, a powerful field gun capable of inflicting incredible damage; Nepalese Ghoorkas, each armed with a deadly 18" curved knife known as a kukri; the Corso Terrestre Guerrillas, an independent light infantry guerrilla regiment known for its skirmish and stealth tactics; and the fearsomely hardy Bulkeley's Regiment, a French unit of Irish mercenaries. With the Special Forces Edition, you'll also receive a fold-out campaign map, a DVD of the History Channel's The Revolution series and a book of concept art.

    ^ (2009). Empire Total War: Special Forces Edition, Sega Of America - Pc Games. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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