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Sonic Rush Adventure

  • Sonic Rush Adventure available on March 06 2016 from Amazon for 19.97
  • Sonic Rush Adventure Nintendo DS Game SEGA available on April 17 2015 from Newegg for 19.99
  • UPC bar code 010086670110 ξ2 registered March 06 2016
  • UPC bar code 010086670110 ξ3 registered April 17 2015
  • UPC bar code 010086670110 ξ1 registered July 04 2012
  • Product category is Sonic Rush Adventure Nintendo DS Game SEGA Software Game
  • Manufacturered by Sega Of America, Inc.
  • 67011
  • # N82E16878142015

  • Product weight is 0.26 lbs.
"Classic Sonic 2D Gameplay with improved action stages. Sonic returns with his signature 2D gameplay presented seamlessly across both screens on the Nintendo DS™. New action-packed gameplay will have gamers A high-speed ocean adventure! Sonic travels from island to island in search of objects and materials to build up to five different ships and battles with wicked pirates both on land and at sea throughout 14 stages. Enhanced touch screen controls. Players will navigate the oceans and perform aerial tricks to avoid treacherous water mines and aim their cannons during ship-to-ship battles by using the stylus and touch screen on the Nintendo DS. Compete with friends via DS Download Play in two battle modes. Two players will face-off in intense dual screen races or collect the most items spread throughout the map in exciting mission battles. Sonic returns to the Nintendo DS™ with all the classic 2D, dual screen action the fans loved in Sonic Rush™, as well as a new high-seas adventure where he clashes with ruthless pirates. As Sonic, players will set off from Windmill Village to explore seven action-packed levels featuring the classic 2D gameplay that the Sonic series is known for. Now players will get to explore the action stages to uncover valuable items and materials which allow Tails to build new ships that help Sonic track down the villainous pirates. With a fleet of up to five ships, including a submarine, water bike, and hovercraft, players will use the touch screen technology in exciting new ways to control their ships as they race across the ocean gathering rings, busting tricks, and torching pirate ships in fierce ship-to-ship battles. At the end of each level, players will test their skills in epic 3D boss battles that span both screens, including the ultimate showdown with the evil pirate, Captain Whisker. Let the adventure begin!

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Sonic Rush Adventure is definitely worth the buy, especially if you enjoyed the original Rush. The formula is familiar, bringing back the finest points from its predecessor yet manages to do so without being overly repetitive.The story is fun and involving, and the dialog is hilarious (if you can get past the ridiculously exaggerated Australian dialect of new character Marine the Raccoon). Naturally the game sees the return of Blaze, central to the story, but the player has a ..
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