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REGISTERED: 04/22/18
UPDATED: 03/02/21
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  • D2 available on March 02 2021 from Amazon for 5.99
  • UPC bar code 010086510362 ξ1 registered November 09 2013
  • Product category is Software Game
  • Manufacturered by Sega Of America, Inc.

  • Product weight is 0.5 lbs.
The long-delayed cinematic adventure game D2 has finally surfaced on the Dreamcast. Despite several years in development by innovative Japanese game design team Warp, D2 seems to suffer from a lack of solid gameplay. Fortunately, the gaming environment is stunning to look at. D2 offers gamers a curious combination of adventurous exploration and first-person shooting. Gamers assume the role of airplane crash survivor Laura (not to be confused with game icon Lara Croft of Tomb Raider infamy). The game begins with Laura embarking on an airplane flight that soon goes horribly wrong. The plane is hijacked by a handful of terrorists--but that effort is foiled when a meteor crashes into the plane. Laura emerges as one of the few survivors of the plane wreck, which has occurred somewhere in the mountains of Canada. Laura must try to survive the icy elements by routinely killing and cooking cute bunnies for food as she travels through the snowy terrain. Animal activists might object to the casual nature of these deaths, which are essential to winning the game. Several tentacle-wielding creatures attack Laura frequently during her travels. When this occurs, the game immediately shifts from third-person to first-person perspective. While these point-and-shoot segments are challenging at first, they soon become tedious. It is impossible to travel more than a few feet without being attacked--and Laura must travel quite a bit to advance the game. Despite the presence of impressive graphics, these action segments amount to little more than a glorified version of the mass-market PC game Deer Hunter. Still, the ambitious world of D2 is worth a look and a listen. This game is highly stylized in design, including several artistic cinema sequences that will keep you riveted. A stunning new age-meets-opera soundtrack accompanies the title screen, while creepy instrumental music adds tension in all the right places. With an awkward balance of both adventure and action elements, D2 ultimately succeeds more as a curiosity than a remarkable gaming coup. --Brett Atwood Pros: Art-house appeal for eclectic gamers High-quality animation Cons: Awkward gameplay Tedious and repetitious action sequences

    ^ (2000). D2, Sega Of America, Inc.. Amazon. (revised Mar 2021)

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This game is not what I expected, an I mean this in a good way.I really enjoyed this game.The storyline is superb. The graphics are great! I found myself playing late at night. I couldn't put the game down! The Movies in the game are what surprised me most of all some were heart melting, Scary, Sad, and funny, but all were Awesome. The ending was worth the 4-disc wait! To all Resident Evil fans (like me) I would buy/rent this game. At least take a try at it. If you buy it its worth the money. The only thing..
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A game which involves a mute waif battling space flowers interspersed with Oregon Trail-like hunting interludes may not be for everyone. The best feature is the creepy and tense atmosphere this game oozes, due mainly to it's slick graphics. I also enjoyed the strange, Sam Raimi inspired boss encounters that pepper the game experience. My favorite so far was the flight attendant spewing airline cliches and vomit while flinging Laura (the protagonist) through the air. Unfortunate qualities include ext..
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D2 didn't wow the world when it came out. It's long gone now but here's my review anyway. You play as Laura Parton, survivor of a plane crash in the freezing wastelands of northern Canada. There are a few other survivors but unfortunately some of them have mutated into green plant type monsters. You need to find help, avoid monsters and work out what caused that plane to crash.Playing D2 is like watching a very, VERY slow movie. It's really one long interactive cut scene with breaks when you need to do some..
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