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Phantasy Star III

UPC 010086013030
REGISTERED: 09/25/18
UPDATED: 07/03/20
Phantasy Star III
Rank: 56%
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Phantasy Star III

  • Phantasy Star III available on November 06 2014 from Amazon for 120.00
  • UPC bar code 010086013030 ξ1 registered February 01 2015
  • UPC bar code 010086013030 ξ2 registered November 06 2014
  • Product category is Software Game
  • Manufacturered by Sega Of America, Inc.

  • Product weight is 0.5 lbs.
  • Special Features Seven levels; high-powered weaponry; deadly enemies; stunning graphics; one-player action * Warnings Animated Violence * Players: 1 Controller: Gamepad

    ^ Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom (Sega Genesis, 1991) (revised Aug 2019)
    ^ Phantasy Star III, Sega Of America, Inc.. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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Even among Phanatics like myself, Phantasy Star III tends to get passed off as a lacking game. This is truely sad, however, because it's not in any sense of the term.Phantasy Star III does differ from the other games in the series, as its graphical style is a bit more detailed, but there is less animation in the battles. Significantly less. This is the biggest drawback of the game. The other drawback is that if the game had been translated more closely from the Japanese version, it would be considerably mor..
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PS3- nicknamed the black sheep of the PS series. I have no idea why, as it is a great game, given you are willing to take the time to play the game. First off, the story. You are Rhys, a young prince who finds a mysterious woman named Maia on the beaches of Landen, your father's kingdom. You are arranged to marry her, however right before you say your vows, a dragon grabs her and snatches her away. Thus begins your adventure to save Maia. The story is not as cliched as you may think, because along the way y..
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Personally, I believe this is the worst of the Phantasy Star games, but I'm not saying it's bad. It's a great game the spans over 3 generations. The characters you play depends on your choices. Kinda like what some of the new systems are trying to do now, only sucking at it. Sega was 15 years ahead of their time, and this series proves it.Now more about the game. The gameplay like the others is great, the caves are always changing, and your freedom to roam spans over 7 worlds. And as always you don't have t..
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