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Devotion: The Best Of Yanni

UPC 010058215325
REGISTERED: 05/31/18
UPDATED: 02/28/21
Devotion: The Best Of Yanni
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Bringing together the brightest gems by the musical alchemist cult figure known as Yanni, Devotion: The Best of Yanni is a captured ethereal atmosphere

  • Devotion: The Best Of Yanni available on February 21 2016 from Indigo for 13.53
    • UPC bar code 010058215325 ξ1 registered February 02 2015
    • UPC bar code 010058215325 ξ2 registered February 21 2016
    • Product category is Audio Music

    • # 1005821532

    From one track to the next, the music floats and drifts like a surreal sparkling sea, leaving its audience floating contentedly in an ambient zone. An international superstar, Yanni is a self-taught composer and keyboardist who secured his fame after his very first independently released album. With the opening mystery of the fairytale tone of Once Upon A Time, a journey begins. Launching into it, the album travels through the romantic piano composition To Take...To Hold and on into several undiscovered worlds. A recording to take you toward peace, Devotion is Yanni's best moments brought together as in a book of good memories.

      ^ Devotion: The Best of Yanni by Yanni (CD, Aug-1997, Private Music) (revised Apr 2016)
      ^ Devotion: The Best Of Yanni Indigo. (revised Feb 2016)

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