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Predator Mask

EAN 0100000903773
REGISTERED: 12/23/18
UPDATED: 07/05/20
Predator Mask
Rank: 56%
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Predator Mask

  • Predator Mask available on November 23 2014 from Amazon for 25
  • UPC bar code 100000903773 ξ1 registered November 23 2014
  • Product category is Art Mask
  • Manufacturered by MTech

  • # 14 MCYC117

    ^ Predator Mask, MTech. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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I didn't know what to expect when I got this, other than the other reviews said it was high quality. This thing looks like something out of the movie... it isn't a cheap little mask, this thing is heavy. If you smashed someone in the face with it, you would knock them out - that's how heavy it is. But you don't notice it when it is on your face. One thing I did do was to wrap a bandanna around my face so that it was resting on the bridge of my nose. It help to keep the mask from moving - (the mask didn't mo..
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I really like this mask and to start i will recommend getting this product out a website called budk NOT amazon,i mean don't get me wrong i love amazon but the shipping on this product is way to much! So i got this same item for a cheaper total at budk and when i went to the website i looked around and they actually have some pretty cool stuff. And now on to the actual product:this mask is highly detailed and looks just like the one from the movie. And i did read the reviews that say it is so heavy, it is s..
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over all this is a cool piece. it says it can be worn as a mask, which it cannot. i mean it coems with a strap, but it is very heavy and was not made to fit a face well. it is more of a wall ornament. it also says it comes with a wall mount, which is just a tiny triangle piece of metal sautered to the top, which i highly doubt would actualy hold the weight of this mask. i like the details on it, but in the picture it is shown silver, it is most definatly a hunter/acid green color. i bought it for my father ..
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