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CSI: New York The Game

UPC 008888684480
REGISTERED: 09/26/19
UPDATED: 12/09/22
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CSI: New York The Game

  • CSI: New York The Game available on November 18 2014 from Amazon for 12.00
  • UPC bar code 008888684480 ξ2 registered November 18 2014
  • UPC bar code 008888684480 ξ1 registered July 03 2012
  • Product category is Software Game
  • Manufacturered by Ubisoft
  • 68448
  • # ImportSW2545

  • Product weight is 1 lbs.
  • Solve Crimes In The Big Apple - Finally, CSI fans can experience the world, characters and mysteries of CSI - NY. Piece together clues and uncover hidden evidence in the biggest city in America. Explore five brand-new, bizarre crimes and bring suspects to justice * Play As The Stars - take on the role of CSI stars as you play the characters of Detectives Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera * More Accessible Gameplay - A moody graphic-novel art style and more user-friendly interface will assure accessibility and hours of replay for all types of gamers. Improved gameplay includes new mechanics for conversations, blood work, computer use and more * Control Interrogations and use evidence to reveal a suspect's lies - Take part in dramatic interrogations, and create atmospheric reenactments while exploring grisly crime scenes inspired by the show * Dig Deeper With Mini-Games - Includes an incredible variety of mini-games, including code breaking, facial reconstruction, identify locations from photos, triangulate shooter locations, manipulate the X-Ray scanner, physics simulation reconstructions, identify poisons, compare samples for differences, Internet searching and more

    ^ N02008835 CSI New York The Game PC (revised Aug 2013)
    ^ (2008). CSI: New York The Game, Ubisoft. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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Lame & boring sums up everything about this game.The graphics/cartoons look like they were drawn by a 10 year old.... Lame.The story lines are drawn out and most of it is just a seek n find game... BoringMost of the mini games are draw a line from point a to point b, trace the stain or find the difference...... Lame and Boring.I had just finished playing CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder and thought I would give this a try. At the time there was only 1 review and I didn't bother reading it. Boy do I wish I had. ..
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This CSI game was only semi like the other ones. It seemed like it was designed more for children and reminded me of the puzzles in the Highlights magazine where the concentration seemed to be more directed on finding silly things rather then solving the crime. Was very disappointed and never even finished the game due to its childlike features. This is not a reflection on the seller I purchased the game from, it is simply a review of the game.
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CSI:NY is a radical departure from previous CSI games, and not in a good way. The difficulty levels, fairly long and layered cases and the tricky, sometimes exasperating, search for evidence that resulted in satisfaction when you finally solved the crime have been replaced by a system that gently leads you by the hand from place to place and clue to clue.You still search a crime scene, but it is limited to one screen shot and there is little actual evidence to find. Instead, you search for a variety of no..
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