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Chessmaster: The Art of Learning

UPC 008888163664
REGISTERED: 07/22/18
UPDATED: 07/22/18
Chessmaster: The Art of Learning
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Chessmaster: The Art of Learning

  • Chessmaster: The Art of Learning available on February 19 2016 from Amazon for 19.99
  • UPC bar code 008888163664 ξ1 registered July 11 2015
  • Product category is Art
  • Manufacturered by UBI Soft
  • 16366

  • Product weight is 0.2 lbs.
Learn from champion Josh Waitzkin - Using the principles outlined in his book The Art of Learning, Josh puts players in his shoes during some of the most riveting moments of his career, then walk through the classics, introducing beginners to the fundamentals of the game and providing revealing commentary about the road to mastery Multiplayer wireless - Two players can battle each other using the wireless option on the DS including varieties such as Dark Chess (opponent's pieces are invisible), Extinction Chess (first player to capture all of the opponent's pieces), and Losing Chess (first player to lose all of his/her pieces) Six original mini-games - Each mini-game is packed with its own music, sound effects, a high-score record and 20 levels of gameplay such as Minefield (chess pieces are used to locate mines hidden in the board), Breaking the Lines (the knight is moved to capture all of the pawns) and Fork My Fruit (uses chess pieces to fork fruit of the same kind, among others) Famous games - Players have access to 900 of the most important chess games, which are analyzed to provide key tactics Checkmate - With an arsenal of 600,000 games, players will never run out of fun In Chessmaster: The Art of Learning, Josh Waitzkin, International Master and eight-time National Chess Champion, coaches players to grasp the basic fundamentals of chess and to master the game through exciting courses and tutorials taken directly from his book, The Art of Learning.

    ^ (2007). Chessmaster: The Art of Learning, Ubi Soft. Amazon. (revised Feb 2016)

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