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IOGEAR 2-Port KVMP Switch with USB 2.0 Hub and Audio GCS1802 (Black)

UPC 008813170095
REGISTERED: 07/23/18
UPDATED: 10/23/18
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IOGEAR 2-Port KVMP Switch with USB 2.0 Hub and Audio GCS1802 (Black)

  • IOGEAR 2-Port KVMP Switch with USB 2.0 Hub and Audio GCS1802 (Black) available on November 06 2014 from Amazon for 105.24
  • UPC bar code 008813170095 ξ1 registered November 06 2014
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by IOGEAR
  • GCS1802

  • Product weight is 0.99 lbs.
  • 8-Port KVM switch * Integrated 2-port USB 2.0 hub is available for each computer to share multiple peripherals connected directly to the hub or via daisy chaining external powered USB 2.0 hubs * The display emulation technology makes the switch intelligent to read and remember the monitor optimal display parameters and refresh rate * The audio ports allow for connecting powered PC speakers for stereo sound and a single microphone for audio input/output to each computer * Setup is fast and easy; simply plug the cables into their appropriate ports

    ^ IOGEAR 2-Port KVMP Switch with USB 2.0 Hub and Audio GCS1802 (Black), IOGEAR. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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I just recently bought this KVMP (Keyboard, Video, Mouse, Peripherals) Switch and it works seamlessly. I have three XP boxes and one Ubuntu computer hooked up to it. In the future, I plan to replace one of the XP boxes with a Mac Mini, which should integrate fine.[Well, I bought the Mac Mini, and it works perfectly! When I plugged everything into the Mac Mini, I turned on my LCD monitor, pushed the button above the port on the KVMP switch a few seconds, so that is showed everything switching to that port on..
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I read online about all the problems people have setting up these kinds of switches (in a generic sense, not this brand or model in particular). I expected to have lots of difficulty, but the setup went just fine. I'm now switching back and forth between two computers with no problems! The only slight snag was that I have a mouse with special features that initially didn't work. All I had to do was go into the "On Screen Display" and change the "mouse emulation" setting to "off," and the mouse started worki..
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I could have purchased a 4-port KVM switch for a lot less, but, the IOGEAR GCS1804 had gotten some pretty good reviews on the Internet and the specs looked good. When I took it out of the box I was impressed. Stylish looks, solid feel, heavy construction and very nice cables - a real quality piece of work. Boy, I really wanted to like this switch. I have a cheap 2-port Airlink KVM/audio switch that has served me well for a couple of years, but, I recently added a new laptop to the stable so I needed more..
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