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Back by Thug Demand PA

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Back By Thug Demand

  • Trick Daddy - Back By Thug Demand available on March 11 2015 from Base for 8.39
  • Back By Thug Demand available on February 13 2015 from Amazon for 0.98
  • UPC bar code 075678381522 ξ4 registered September 27 2014
  • UPC bar code 075678381522 ξ2 registered February 13 2015
  • UPC bar code 075678381522 ξ3 registered February 13 2015
  • UPC bar code 075678381522 ξ1 registered July 03 2012
  • Product category is MUSIC CD - CD - Rap & Hip-Hop Audio
  • Manufacturered by Atlantic

  • Product weight is 0.2 lbs.
Perhaps it's the way he keeps backsides bouncing with energetic, clubjumping anthems like "Shut Up" and "Take It to Da House." Or maybe it's his foul-mouthed, triple-X antics on such hood hits like "Na'an N****" and last year's candy licking summer single "Sugar (Gimme Some)." Or it could be the way his deep, soul-drenched baritone unapologetically reveals honest, first-hand accounts of life inside the ugly underbelly of America's inner cities on the heart-wrenching prophecies America and Thug Holiday. Whatever the reason behind the unmatched success of his six-album solo career, Trick Daddy has become one of the most diverse and recognizable voices in hip-hop today. Not only has Trick been able to appeal to mainstream masses with a handful of platinum albums, but he also kept his grassroots fan base satisfi ed with true-to-life lyrics and trunk-rattling beats. Now after continually reporting from the mean streets of his Miami-Dade County stomping grounds to a loyal following, Trick Daddy returns with a fl awless seventh album aptly titled Back By Thug Demand. Whether reporting on the brutalities of everyday people, keeping the club crunk or putting his peers in their places, Trick Daddy has never been afraid to expose himself (or others) to the world around us. For Trick, nothing less will do. People say keeping it real is a hard thing to do. Keeping it real is easy, says Trick. Being fake and being soft is hard to do. For me not to keep it real or sell you a record that is fake, my luck will probably be bad for the rest of my life.

    ^ Back by Thug Demand PA (revised Jul 2012)
    ^ Back by Thug Demand [PA] by Trick Daddy (CD, Dec-2006, Atlantic (Label)) (revised Mar 2015)
    ^ (2006). Back By Thug Demand, Atlantic. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)
    ^ Trick Daddy - Back By Thug Demand Base. (revised Mar 2015)

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