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Bolle Boll-solden-11755 Bolle Solden Sunglasses

EAN 0054917294106
REGISTERED: 11/22/17
UPDATED: 06/18/19
Bolle Boll-solden-11755 Bolle Solden Sunglasses

"Bolle Solden shiny Tortoise with Polarized A-14 oleo AF Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Product # 11967 (Shiny Black/Dots w/ Blue Violet Lens) Product # 11753 (Shiny Black/Bamboo w/ TNS Lens) Product # 11757 (Shiny Plum/Translucent w/ Polarized TNS oleo AF Lens) Product # 11754 (Shiny Black w/ Polarized TNS oleo AF Lens) Product # 11755 (Shiny Tortoise w/ Polarized A-14 oleo AF Lens) The Bolle Solden Sunglasses are Full Rim frame for Women made of Plastic.This model features a Rounded Edges shape, with a Single Bridge.The Bolle Solden Sunglasses feature the Bolle name on lens and temple

  • Bolle Boll-solden-11755 Bolle Solden Sunglasses available on August 19 2018 from FactoryOutletStore for 70.95
  • UPC bar code 054917294106 ξ1 registered July 01 2017
  • Product category is Apparel

  • BOLL-Solden-11755
  • # 376649-5

These Sunglasses work well for people whose style is: Classic, Cool/Trendy. Ideal for usage with: Fashion, Sports, Snow Skiing, Everyday Driving. These sunglasses are available with polarized lenses on certain colors. Polarized lenses have a filter within the lens that blocks the wavelengths of light that cause glare. They can greatly enhance contrast and allow for greater depth of vision, especially in water. They are ideal for any situation where glare reduction is necessary, like driving or playing sports. Bolle Solden Sunglasses Features: Sunglasses For Women, Polycarbonate Lense Material - Impact-Resistant Lenses - Provides Unmatched Precision & Clarity - Scratch Resistant Coating, Category 3 Lenses - Ideal For Sunny Conditions, Full Rim Plastic/Metal Alloy Frame, Wrapped Frame & Temples - Provides For Widest Field Of Vision As Well As Optimum Protection For The Eye Area, Anti-Slip Nose Piece, Anti-Slip Temples, Polarized Lens Filters - Hydrophobic Coating - Anti-Fog Coating, 100 UV Protection, Grey Tint - Faithful Colour Reproduction, Suitable For General Wear"

    ^ Bolle Boll-solden-11755 Bolle Solden Sunglasses, Bolle. FactoryOutletStore. (revised Aug 2018)

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