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The Juiceman Live (Taped Before a Live Audience)

UPC 004420020242
REGISTERED: 05/08/18
UPDATED: 07/31/21
The Juiceman Live (Taped Before a Live Audience)

The Juiceman Live (Taped Before a Live Audience)

  • The Juiceman Live (Taped Before a Live Audience) available on March 08 2016 from Amazon for 38.98
  • UPC bar code 004420020242 ξ1 registered December 23 2014
  • Product category is Video
  • Manufacturered by Juiceman

  • Product size is 0"x0"x0"
  • Product weight is 0 lbs.
Jay Kordich is known to millions as The Juiceman. For over 40 years he has been teaching people how to be healthier. As a pioneer in the field of health and nutrition, Jay advocates people making fresh vegetable and fruit juices with your own juice machine. The juices serve as your primary source of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes so lacking in a typical American diet. He says he nurtures the sixty trillion cells of his body with fresh juices and then eats raw foods for bulk and fiber. During this live lecture, Jay makes juice combinations and teaches the audience about the power of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. You'll learn: * Enzymes, the key to good health. * Natural weight control. * Keep a strong immune system. * Strengthen vital organs. * Juices to keep you regular. * Reduce cholesterol, naturally. * Cleans the liver. * Regulate high blood pressure. * Over 15 different juice combinations.

    ^ The Juiceman Live (Taped Before a Live Audience), Juiceman. Amazon. (revised Mar 2016)

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